Window in the world. How africa sinks in plastic

With the help of people who know the world well, "My Planet" decided to talk about how life is arranged in other communities and countries that there is at the moment and what problems are worried about their inhabitants. This story – about actually not very distant Africa.

"I was born in Vitebsk 30 years ago. In my deep childhood, milk was still sold in glass bottles, which could be handed over. Then he was pouring it on plastic packages that were soapy and dried, and after used for school sandwiches. Maybe it will seem incredible, but all the moms of my classmates did so!

In my seven years we moved to Tanzania, to the Motherland of the Father. I was very surprised that almost every purchase, every banana or a pack of already packaged cookies sellers fold into a small plastic bag, tomatoes in one, and then it’s still a couple of big. I thought: "What service! What civilization!"

In my eyes over the past 20-30 years, all Africa, from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, mired in plastic landfills. Around I constantly saw the wind-free cellophane packages. Goats who graze on the side of roads, chewed these packages along with grass in half.

And the most popular toy of children was the ball, which is in Nyanja, one of the African languages, is called Mpombua. This Mpombua It is a lump made of bags and rope.

But in the slums of Kibera (Suburb of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. – approx. Red.) Plastic packages found more original use. Due to the lack of sewage, the inhabitants of the largest slums of Africa decided to use plastic packages to send natural needs. Packages have thrown out "With surprise" At best, in the ditch, at worst – just on the roadway or to the courtyard. Hundreds of such packages under the action of heat and under the wheels of cars explode, and the contents flowing on the ground, becoming a source of diseases. Such a thing – poverty. And habit.

Due to the ban on the use of plastic bags in 2018, there are several paid toilets that can be used by one-time ticket either in a monthly rate "Family".

Window in the world. How africa sinks in plastic

Now plastic is prohibited not only in Kenya, but also in Rwanda, Senegal and some other countries. To comply with the law of power in these countries, they came with full responsibility, and many people have already set off for his violation in prison or paid fines. Some markets were also closed.

Environmentalists noted that more and more Africans began to think about the environmental problem. The prohibition of the use of plastic packages served to develop and use eco-friendly packaging based on biodegradable materials. ".

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