Wind, wind, you might!

The fairy tale of the girl Ellie, who, together with the house and the dog, suffered from Kansas hurricane wind, could not be fiction, but a completely probable incident. The wind is able to shoot down people from the legs, turn the cars, overwhelm the bridges and destroy cities. "My Planet" gathered a video about the strength of the wind and its practices in different parts of the earth.

In March of this year, the wind squalls collapsed on Gelendzhik at a speed of 40 m / c. One of the locals took a video from the window of her house.

In 2010, in Volgograd, to the horror of drivers and officials, the waves came in waves just built through the Volga. The reason for the fluctuations of the experts called the wind resonance, the bridge was finalized by the deposits of wind and compensators and continued to work.

In Vladivostok last spring, the wind spun a high-rise construction crane.

In the US on one of the football matches, the wind broke a large American flag during the exercise of the hymn.

In Norway, walk against the wind to people helps the local police.

On video, young people play with the wind of TRAMMONTAN, reaching in Portbo (Spain) speed 156 km / h. TRAMMONTAN – Bohr’s wind variety, arises due to the difference between high pressure in mainland and low in the Mediterranean. Characterized for Spain, Italy, France and Croatia.

Netherlands: the wind does not allow to drive cyclists.

Powerful Typhoon in Tokyo plays with a blank car in the parking lot, as if with a gun.

What else is the wind?

Wind, wind, you might!

Overturned the wagon on the road:

Rided the roof from the house in England:

Prevented to land two aircraft in Birmingham:

The wind, rushing from the turbine of the aircraft, can also be very strong. Visitors to the world’s most dangerous beach of Macho, located on the island of St. Martin near the princess airport Juliana, came up with extreme entertainment – to get up under the streams of air from the heating liners and watch: will fly or not. The fight against the wind does not always end the victory of people.

Finally, several insane ideas of non-classical use of wind from turbines of the aircraft.

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