Wind House

The field that it was necessary to cross, was the sword of high grass. But we passed it.
The river was not very wide, but still without a bridge. And we crossed it.
And the forest seemed to be dense and impassable due to the swampy soil and dense trees. And we got through it. Reduce the time of the path did not work, but test yourself for strength and endurance is yes.

Having passed this very real bar of obstacles. We came to where they went. Here is a pure green field, destroyed by clover, small vintage houses, and she is a mill.
Huge, the real mill has become our stay on that night.

* What noticed during our walks, so it is a variety of clover in the Latvian fields: pink, purple, white with purple spectacles. My beloved was still the last.

The mill was restored by local craftsmen: Wooden tile Outside, huge wooden mechanisms inside. I have never been accustomed so close at the mills, inside was not all the more, but it became also the house – I never thought about it at all.

As soon as there was a windy beauty, went to get acquainted with the locals, who are not so much here. The mill is located on the territory of the open ethnographic museum in Veveri, there are houses in the spirit of the oldest times. Some of them are exposure, and a few still serve in the way.

One of the first we met the Raitis Museum. Very and very nice man. Previously, he worked in the cinema, and even filmed movies in St. Petersburg. Now he lives peacefully in the house with two cats – moksa and her son Bonaparte. Relationships from them, I must say, the most human: with love, care and understanding.

Raitis is amazing that the bake is the most real Latvian black bread with Tmin on maple leaves. Stephan last year was lucky to taste him, and he really wanted to share his taste with me. By the lucky chance, Raitisa’s bread was, and some other! Huge, the most black and incredibly tasty.

I asked him about how he did him: it turned out that almost 2 days from rye flour with malt in a real village oven. Bread is very satisfying and tasty. And it is important to note, live such breads can almost a month, nothing happens to him.

Wind House

Raitis certainly wanted to treat us with bread, drink coffee (he had a species 20 on his shelf!) and talk. Everything was so: incredibly kind, clean and most real. So smile and laugh can only.

On the way home met a sweet grandmother from a nearby house. It was not necessary to take a picture of it, but what we remember, so it is her extraordinary beauty – glowed face and heart. And also treated us with homemade milk – a whole bidonchik of the freshest! Well, what else to add 🙂

Let’s cook dinner and enjoy sunset.

Sesame rice, garden tomatoes, black Latvian bread, caution sunset. Happy we.

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