Winchester House (Winchester Mystery House)

House number 525 on Winchester-Boulevard in the American city of San Jose enjoys gloomy glory. It is believed that this gothic mansion is full of ghosts and unsolved secrets. The estate was turned into an extravagant attraction for tourists called Winchester House (Winchester Mystery House).

No, it’s not about the fearless brothers from the series "Supernatural", And about the family of the creator of the famous rifle. Sarah Winchester, the widow of the inventor’s son, acquired this house in 1884 and immediately took up his restructuring, putting all his huge inheritance in her. As a result, for almost forty years of construction from a modest two-story estate, the mansion turned into a six-story building. True, after the earthquake in 1906, three upper floors collapsed, and the house remained three-story.

Winchester House (Winchester Mystery House)

There is a legend that Sarah talked with a medium who told her that the family was a curse because of the rifle that ruined many lives. Clairvoyant advised the widow to build a house in which the vengeful ghosts would not be able to get it, and allegedly therefore a woman was engaged in repairs, as a result of which there were stairs leading to anywhere, the deaf room and the windows in the floor.

The full tour of the mansion of Winchesters and the garden lasts about two and a half hours. In Halloween and Friday, 13th tourists are offered special thematic excursions.

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