Wilts (Wiltz)

Wilts (Wiltz) – The capital of Luxembourg Ardennes is the largest city in this part of the country. The population is 4754 people (2008).
Wiltz consists, like the capital, of two parts – the lower city (at an altitude of 320 m) and the top, which is 80 m above on the slope of the mountain around the ancient fortress.
The lower city stands on the two shores of the Wilts River, and the top focuses around the ancient fortress. Wilts – a beautiful town, the surroundings of him very picturesque.

The main attraction of the city is Freaky palace, Built in the XII century and repeatedly subjected to destruction. Palace Park deserves special attention. The magnificent staircase leading to the main entrance of the palace was built in the Renaissance style. Now in the palace is the Museum of World War II.

Wilts (Wiltz)

10 km from Wiltsa is the town Ash-sur-sur-sur. This is an ancient sukneft center. On a sheer stone ledge overlooking the farms around him and the Sur River Valley preserved Castle Burshedov (XI-XVI centuries.) – the largest and picturesque in Luxembourg. His owners were among the most respected feudalists in Luxembourg. Castle was built in four stages and the heyday was reached in the first half of the XV century, but over time he came to the launch, and by the 19th century, and at all began to collapse. In 1974, the Government of Luxembourg decided to restore it. Most of the hiking routes along the spurs of the Ardennes Mountains and the German-Luxembourg National Park begins from Esh-sur-Sur, where in 1960, after the construction of the dam, an artificial lake was formed, its 380 hectares area. Park occupies a territory of 358 kV. km, part of it is located in Germany. Here is the highest point of the country – Mount Burgplas (559 m).

Not far from the town is cozy Berdoph village, which is famous for paths catering through the stony disappearance and the gorge, from which the waterfalls once collapsed.

Wilts (Wiltz)

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