The ruins of Shedry

Kilicia – Area on the southeastern coast of Turkey with richest Isoria and a large number of ancient ancient cities. One of them – Shedra.

Taking off from Alanya only 35 kilometers, you get to the ruins of Shedry. Like all the cities of Mortgage Kilicia, Shedra is located on the slopes of the hill. Driving to the ruins of Shedry by car, the beautiful panorama of Mediterranean beauty opens. There are two at least modern, but still preserved ancient spirit, villages.

Ruins of Roman Shedry – This is one of the most ancient and valuable archaeological artifacts. In the ancient Shedre stopped after the hike Pompei, coins were minted with a profile brand Aurelia.

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Shedra represents, though ruins, but in these ruins there are a lot of valuable: wells, antique columns, baths, a water source that still use local residents, the remains of the streets are visible. Streets were located on the sides of the horizon. Traces of mosaic preserved in the destroyed palace. Obviously, the city was rich in the Byzantine era. In the central part of Shedra, the cave extended into the ancient times, which, apparently, was used as a cult factor. But to get a modern tourist there will fail – Inputs are collapsible.

Collapsed Shedry look great in the evening, as they are beautifully illuminated. All this gives even more flavoring ruins.

Wills Sedes Sights Alanya Travel Guide

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