Willis Tower and Skink Chicago

Willis Tower (Willis Tower) – 443-meter Tower-Skyscraper in Chicago. Willis Tower for many years was known as Sears Tower, until in the summer of 2009, did not receive a new name. Willis Tower is the highest building not only in Chicago, but also in the United States. At the time of opening in 1973, the Sirs tower was the highest building in the world. Currently, the 108-storey skyscraper lost this honorary title, but still is the 5th building in the world in height (height to the roof).

Willis Tower is striking with its sizes. Here are some facts that help realize its value:

  • Height to the end of the paired antennas – 520 meters
  • Willis Tower and Skink Chicago
  • Construction weight – over 200 thousand.tons
  • Number of glass tower – Over 16100 pcs.
  • In the building, more than 40 thousand were laid in the building. km of electrical cable and 69 thousand.km telephone
  • Every day approximately 25,000 people enter the tower

Tourists have a stunning opportunity to visit the Willis Tower viewing area, located on the 103th floor at an altitude of 412 meters from the ground! In the exception of the old name of the skyscraper, the observation deck was called, respectively, Sears Tower Skydeck. Currently, the playground is renamed Skydeck Chicago.

In addition to changing the name, the observation deck acquired 4 glass balconies protruding from outside the building. Heavy-duty balconies allow you to get amazing emotions and tickle your nerves, seeing your feet of Chicago. Balconies-cabins can accommodate 5 people and are able to withstand 5 tons of weight, so absolutely safe. In good weather, from the height of Skinka, you can see the territory of direct 4 different states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana) by 80 km in the district.

An annual viewing platform is visited by more than 1.3 million. visitors, therefore, not surprisingly, the presence of permanent queues on the observation platform. Get ready to spend a significant time in line. A ticket for an adult costs $ 16.

Being in Chicago, do not miss the chance to visit Skhadek Chicago and visit one of the highest buildings in the world.

Willis Tower and Skink Chicago

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