William Granta Park

In the capital of Jamaica Kingston there is a place that simply can not be circumvented by the city when visiting the city. it – William Granta Park. Among the allets and plants here you can admire beautiful sculptures and fountain in the center. Purchase and comfort Park have rest.

William Grant Park is built in honor of the respected worker of the 1930s. Around the perimeter it is surrounded by streets called parades. Four them – as many aspects of light. Names respective. Earlier, the troops parades were held regularly and the word was visible «Parada» for a long time entrenched in the name of the streets.

William Grant Park Sights Kingston Tour Profit Guide

On the northern parade there is one of the most beautiful sights of the park – This is the Ward theater. Theater Foyer decorates a portrait of a man who gave it a beautiful, white-blue building. This is Colonel Charles James Ward. Having enlisted by the support of the architect Rudolf Enricheses, Ward elevated this new theater in 1912 instead of the old in 1777. The theater was arranged meetings of parties, concerts (even Bob Marley came here). Every year the pantomime festival is held.

In the south and east of the park you can notice the church. William Grant Park surrounds houses from which the capital of Jamaica actually consists.

William Grant Park Sights Kingston Tour Profit Guide

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