Willar for those who love jogging

We must admit, during our stay in the snow-covered Villar, we constantly warmed the idea that only 18 km from the resort is the thermal complex Les Bains de Lavey, "Connected" To the hottest sources in Switzerland, the water temperature in which reaches 70c. Of course, in local pools, it enters the cooled to 34-36s, but these degrees are quite enough in order to instantly caress from pleasure. In addition, water, as usual in the Alps, is not a simple, and healing: it contains half of the Mendeleev table in various connections, useful for skin and musculoskeletal system.

Thermal complex Les Bains de Lavey

We, of course, could not not be seduced by such water data, so Tima and Luka Papam were passed (in terms they do not allow children up to four years), and they themselves got into the car and went to the hottest point on the map of the Lake Geneva region.

And now, literally after forty minutes, we find out in a small lobby, where we buy three hours of bliss for 21 euros at the reception, and we go through the cafe L’Arc-en-Ciel in a dressing cabin. Everything like everywhere: bracelet with a key from a locker, shower, disinfection of the legs – and now you can already dive into the water of the indoor pool, the walls of which are mounted by magic nozzles, from where the massage jet massage. And here every hour is satisfied with the musical pause, during which the Divine Sounds of the January Plays of Tchaikovsky. And an absolute relax comes, and after fifteen minutes, with surprise, we find yourself swaying on the surface of the water in the pose "stars", At the same time, already rested and soul, and the body.

From the pool we go to the east pavilion with Hamami: there are four of them here – two common, one female and one men’s. Near the glass doors of each steam room, temperature and humidity are indicated: 40c and 50c, 80% and 100%. In general, Hamam smells like an eucalyptus, for a steam curtain with difficulty can be seen by several more visitors, everyone sit quiet to prevent other meditals. In the zone with hammes there are its own shower cabins, and at the exit you are waiting for resting sun beds, put in a row in front of panoramic windows overlooking the mountains and street pools.

On the street windy and even there is snow, but the magic water does not allow freezing, and here is such a number of useful "Attractions" (jacuzzi, massage jets for all parts of the body, waterfalls to combat osteochondrosis, walkway with a strong current, sun beds with underwater massage), which I do not want to get out at all. Although, of course, the street pavilion with saunas also promises not to sum up: the heated and satisfied buyers are almost naked jump out from there on the frost and carry in the next hot house. Therefore, soon the will and we get out of warm water and run, customized by the wind, to the nearest sauna, so that the company is still ten of the same blissful injections. If you are lucky, you can get to a session with aromatherapy or with a branded ritual (they are held at 11.00, 16.30 and 19.00).

Willar for those who love jogging

For lovers of special body care in the thermal complex work massage and cosmetics. The Spa Menu is all kinds of relaxing massage, lymphatic, reflexology, exotic techniques from all over the world: "Lomi Lomi", Thai massage, Shiatzu, as well as local specialists – Watsu, something like a shiat with water, and WATU is the same, just with the elements of underwater massage.

List of cosmetic procedures are also quite impressive: masks for face and body, all kinds of lifts, scrubs, wraps, manicure and pedicure, depilation and two proprietary ritual.

Well, our wonderful bath day ended behind the bar counter in the cafe L’Arc-en-Ciel: we drank the cup of fresh grapefruit juice and decided to postpone the testing of beauty procedures for the next time – we were too good. And since our inner state has already been reflected on our loosen and satisfied faces, it was even a little ashamed to return home to the dads, strolling because of us. But then they remembered their motto: "Satisfied Mom – Satisfied Family" and with a clear conscience went to Villar.

Willar for those who love jogging

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