Will with plaster let them?

Today, even when leaving the bread, you have to look at both. In winter and spring, our enemies – riders on skates, rollers, bikes, scooters and so on our enemies and in the early autumn. What if someone will accidentally push you on vacation in pursuit of the last portion of omelet from the buffet or on the way to the pool? In the worst case, you will break your hand or leg, in the best – plug in the water bombing and hollow offenders from the legs to the head. So to him! Well, if seriously: be careful, because with the plaster on the plane can not let.

Gypsum – Barrier Flight?

Not always. Some airlines are not allowed to fly if you have fresh gypsum. But this ban is aimed at security and care for customers. Let’s understand.

Suppose shortly before departure broken leg. And here you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible to decide what kind of gypsum you will need.

The fact is that during the flight due to the change of pressure, the legs swell even in a healthy person, and blood circulation can be broken, and the edema will deliver tangible discomfort.

Langetta or bandage?

There are two types of plaster:

  • Langetta
  • bandage (in the people – the usual plaster)

Lanting is superimposed during acute injuries. This is usually a plate or tire, which is primed by a bandage to the limb. She does not squeeze and therefore the flights are transported calm.

But with ordinary plaster is not. He envelops the limb completely and remove it is not so simple (in the case of Langelette enough bandages). So pretend. The first days of wearing gypsum is not very pleasant, and if you still fly for a long time, it will be most uncomfortable, and there is no good blood flow to be a good.

Will with plaster let them

How to find out, let go on the flight or not?

Depends on the airline and gypsum size. If you put the classic gypsum, contact the airline and refine the flights to such cases.

If the plaster is imposed in less than 48 hours before departure, Many carriers require to have a slot along its entire length. If after the blending of the gypsum passed more than two days, the slot is not needed. But the permission of the doctor still take with you: it may be required when landing.

But if you left gypsum less than 24 hours before departure, then in landing can refuse. And here do not be offended, this is for the sake of your health!

As for the size of the gypsum. If only part of the limb is shy, which does not shine familiar movements, then there will be no problems with the landing. The limb is "dressed" completely? Then you need help when landing and disembarking and a new place where more space for you and your gypsum. Without recommendations of the airline, do not do here – and you are obliged to notify her about it.

Politics of airline

our airlines provide a passenger to decide how to fly. Article 108 Order of the Ministry of Transport of the our Federation from 28.06.2007 No. 82 reads:

"The passenger is obliged to independently determine the possibility of using air transport, based on the state of his health".

Always look at your condition and recommendations of doctors. And if you have the opportunity to postpone the departure without serious financial losses – this is the best option. be healthy!

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