Will there be in kaplov?

Carlovy Vary has twelve hot springs containing a third of the Mendeleev table. Here successfully treated diseases of the digestive tract and metabolic disorders. And the local liqueur Becherovka, infused on healing herbs, is rightfully considered to be a thirteenth source.

According to legends, the king of the Czech Republic Karl I, hunting for a deer, found healing sources in the forests. In 1358, he built a hunting house there and gave his future to his future resort. Many famous people came here: Musicians Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Leaf, Paganini, Guete’s writers, Schiller, Tolstoy, Gentleful men Franz-Joseph I, Web, Bismarck.

In 1874-1876, the founder of scientific communism Karl Marx corrected in these places. Apparently, hard work on a complex and unlimited essay "Capital" I donated his mighty organism. In Karlovy Vary, it is still clearly an atmosphere of the dreamy XIX century. Elegant colonnades and boulevards successfully complement the silence of thoughtful paths in green parks. It’s good to go here to just relax, admire landscapes. Here the nature itself treats.

Curiously climbing the hill, in the restaurant, located in the Tower of the Old Castle (1608 g.). It is built on the site of the very hunting house of Charles I. Here you can sit, drink a beer, eat something delicious. And at the foot of the hill is the house of three maurs, in which the author has repeatedly stopped "Faust". In general, the whole resort is a story captured in stone, everything is connected with interesting people who were here.

Will there be in kaplov

The resort of Marianske Lazne became especially rapidly developed in the second half of the XIX century. However, famous people came here long before. The same Goethe, being already aged, wrote here "Marienbad Elegity", Having dedicated to her young ulric background Levtsov. Hotels, mansions, casinos, colonnades and parks delay the eyes of contemporary romantics, cutting about the last century.

The resort is treated for kidneys, respiratory and urological diseases.

Will there be in kaplov

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