Will the headache hurts?

Learn the bird on Trel, which it issues, maybe not every. But it is impossible to confuse with someone. His wooden knock is the most recognizable forest sound. Dyatlah – the only family of birds that is able to hide the head.

There is no daily norm in the number of shocks, since much depends on the reason why the woodpecker is hammering a tree. In winter, he does it to feed, and is able to destroy the drunk trees for one to three hours. At the same time, the frequency of loaves will depend on how much insect larvae in the woodwood rushing. And first need to know where the cavities with them are exactly. Obtain a tree for this purpose of the woodpecker can for hours, making up to two blows per second. True, with interruptions. It turns out about 3000-4000 blows per hour! But these larvae must still get ..

It happens that the woodpecker crumble is already dry wood. Then he needs to make at least 10,000 – 12,000 shots to improve. The larvae, he pulls out from those who have opened as a result of the dumping moves in the interruptions between blows.

In the spring is addicted. At least in the male. During this period, he needs to take care of the involvement of female. The duration of the marriage fraction in different types of different, on average 2-3 seconds. During this time, the woodpecker makes at least seven rapid blows. And the frequency of such fractions can reach up to 10-20 per hour. If you consider that there is a current fraction of no more than two hours, it turns out that the whole woodpecker "beats" head about a tree about 157 times.

But attract a female little. We must still make a hollow, and it is necessary from one to five hours. It all depends on the density of wood and distracting factors, such as, for example, the protection of the territory.

Dyatla Skull has inside spongy fabric, which serves as an additional shock absorber to the cranial fluid. Another shock absorber is long (10 cm) language. So that he fit into the bird’s head, evolution had to go to the cunning, wrapped the skull

Will the headache hurts

Sigh with relief manifest only in summer. The nest is built, the female was found, and it is no longer necessary to look for larvae, as it appears the opportunity to collect insects from branches and land. Therefore, in the summer, the knockdown can be heard much less.

He has a headache from the student from such "work" or not, it is still unknown, since there is no device that would be attached to the electrodes in the brain and provided information about it. But hardly. All because the dyatla skull has inside with a spongy fabric, which serves as an additional shock absorber. Another shock absorber is long (10 cm) language. So that he fit into the bird’s head, evolution had to go to the cunning, wrapped the skull. What is not another softening "pillow"? Finally, there is a third reason: the beak goes strictly perpendicular to the surface of the loaf, which eliminates vibration.

True, despite all the precautions, the brain of Dyatlah still may suffer from concussion. Just not because of the knock on the tree, but, for example, because of a very strong impact. So, if the bird knocks the machine and the blow will come on the head, she will die.

Will the headache hurts

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