Will "Red Wings" will be the third in power of the airline of the our Federation?

Most recently carrier «Red Wings» got three new, right from the stapel, «Superate 100». In plans to managing the company – Until the end of 2021, include another 27 similar liners in the air park.

In the future, the total number «Superjets» It is planned to bring up to 60 or more units. The reason for so close attention to the products of the our aircraft is the actual affiliation «Red Wings» United aircraft enterprise that produces «Superjets». In the spring of this year «Rostech» Developed supplies program for the company «Red Wings» dozen new aircraft «Dry Superjet 100». Approved and thus – As if, President Vladimir Putin himself hung this ambitious project.

The first airliner entered the carrier’s balance in mid-September, and in early October, two more liners were added to him. All three new cars will serve regional lines between Ekaterinburg and cities within a radius of up to 4,600 km. This is the maximum flight range of the modification liner «SuperJet 100-95Lr».

In a recent interview newspaper «Vedomosti» CEO «Red Wings» Evgeny Klyucharev announced replenishment plans of the fleet of his company to 2024. Sixtiest «Superates», Half of which the company will receive 2020-2021. According to him, initially the operation of our aircraft was planned to create a separate airline with the title «RT-air». However, due to the coronacrisis, it was decided to go on a simpler path, passing the liners already existing «Red Wings», which de facto is state.


Before making a decision on the replenishment of the airframe of the carrier with six dozen «SSJ-100», «Red Wings» Have a total of 20 liners (foreign brands). Thus, we are talking about an attempt to create a rather powerful competitor to the leading airline of Russia. And if you consider that up to 2023 g. on balance «Red Wings» 13 are still promising liners «MS-21-300», The company has a chance to enter the top three leading air carriers of Russia. Future Park «Red Wings» In a minimum, 96 aircraft will be comparable to the number of liners belonging to the second largest airline of the our Federation – «S7». As of autumn 2020 g. on balance «S7» It was 101 aircraft.

How to say Evgeny Klyucharev, company «Red Wings» intends to master, first of all, southern and eastern destinations. In addition to «Domodedovo» and Yekaterinburg «Koltsovo» The airports of mineral waters, Sochi, as well as Irkutsk are considered as regional bases. In Yekaterinburg, it is planned to create a Ural Aviation Hub, from where the passengers could fly by flights «Red Wings» In almost any point of Russia and in some foreign countries.

These and other plans are planning to implement mainly with airplanes «Dry Superjet 100». They will be operated on the lease system, and the funds for payment of the part of leasing payments are allocated by the state. The liner supply program laid a scheme for which – more than a year their use for «Red Wings» will be essentially free. Will the state be able to create a third (and even the second) largest airline of the our Federation on the basis of domestic «Superjets 100», Shows the near future.


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