Will mankind destroy global warming?

If you imagine that the land there is one year, the earliest forms of life appeared in early May. The first people arose about seven in the evening on December 31, and a modern person was formed in just five minutes before midnight. On the scale of space, our civilization is dusting, and, like everything in the universe, it is not eternal.

The world is right now

In September 2019, a hurricane "Dorian" literally erased from the face of the Bahamas! Wind speed reached 250 km / h, and the water level rose by 3.5 m. The streets turned into a river, at home – in the ruins, people died.

Scientists argue that the climate becomes "more nervous". And in most devastating weather cataclysms, global warming is guilty. It comes much faster than previously thought. Especially in the Arctic and Antarctic, where perennial ice melt.

If you turn to statistics in Russia, then over the past 20 years, the number of extreme weather events has almost doubled. Historically, we are a country with a calm climate, which is why this increase is so noticeable here.

Often you have to hear that various extreme weather events in recent years have not become greater, they simply illuminate them better. Indeed, if a strong shower happens in Vladivostok, it will be known about it in Moscow in five minutes. But this theory refute data received from satellites.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the temperature on the planet rose by about 1 ° C.

Grows the temperature unevenly. Closer to the poles of the planet processes go much faster than the equator. For example, in Russia warmed by an average of 2-2.5 ° C. A similar situation is also in the Arctic.

Subarctic Beringovo Sea fully lost ice cover, even seasonal. Melting glaciers in Greenland and on Antarctica Peninsula. As a result, a large amount of fresh water falls into the ocean, its level rises, and the water temperature is growing.

World Ocean Level from the beginning of the XX century increased by 20 cm. According to forecasts, by the middle of the XXI century, it will grow another 10-15 cm, and by the end of the XXI century – already by 30-50 cm.

Soon it will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The first under the water will be the island states of Fiji and Vanuatu, Maldives and Seychelles.

If the process does not stop, then over time, all ice melts on the planet and the level of the World Ocean will rise by 70 (!) M. Map of the world will change beyond recognition. Under water, the territories will be launched on which more than a billion people live. The least from flooding will suffer Africa. But almost all of it will turn into a lifeless desert. Already, thousands of Africans suffer because of global warming. Doodling fires are now raging in California and Australia.

What awaits Russia?

Will mankind destroy global warming

If the trend is preserved, then by the end of the XXI century, we will observe similar phenomena in the southern regions of Russia. And on the central regions will be rolling the waves of heat, similar to the one that collapsed on our country in 2010. No less dangerous and long-lasting rains like tropical. What threaten tropical showers in our our conditions, you can judge the tragedy in the Crimean area of ​​the Krasnodar Territory in 2012.

The shift of climatic zones will also lead to the fact that we will receive almost the same epidemiological problems as in hot countries.

Is it possible to avoid a catastrophe?

To find out if you need to deal with the causes of global warming. A variety of accumulating rumors walk around this topic. The most common of them – the cause of warming lies in natural natural cycles, and it will soon be changed by cooling. But official science believes that the new ice age may not come. And the fault of that human activity!

Humanity actively destroys forests, light planets, instead of them there are various agricultural and cities with a developed industry.

The greater the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the warmer will be on Earth. About 80% of anthropogenic greenhouse gases are formed by emissions associated with burning fossil fuel. The remaining 20% ​​is mainly the result of agricultural activities. Domestic cattle, as well as various fertilizers – these are also sources of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide.

How much the results of human activity affect climate, it is possible to assess the analysis of the composition of ice samples seized in Antarctica at the East station. Get them drilling method. At the same time, scientists manage to penetrate several kilometers deep into the ancient Antarctic glaciers.

Will mankind destroy global warming

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