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Medical tours to Israel, despite high prices, are stable popularity in Russia. And increasingly ours attend not only the dead sea is already widely known, but also other medical centers of the country.

Health care level in Israel is very high and quite comparable to leading Western countries. At the same time, medical services are cheaper here than, for example, in Germany or Switzerland. Unlike Western tourists, traveling to Israel, our has an additional advantage – the lack of a language barrier, which greatly facilitates the mutual understanding of the doctor and the patient.

Priority Industries of Israeli Medicine – Cardiac Surgery, Gynecology, Oncology and Neurosurgery. Treatment of such diseases in Israel is difficult to call cheap, for example, a heart surgery can do at $ 15 thousand., However, Israeli clinics do not lack patients. Recently, more and more patients turn to local clinics about various recovery operations. Israeli doctors in this area belongs to a number of opening world levels. It is believed that the best experts for the restoration of women’s breasts are working here after oncological diseases, hair transplantation, combating baldness. Depending on the number of days and diseases, the price of one day of treatment can fluctuate from $ 60 (orthopedic diseases – at least 21 days) to $ 74.

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Medical Center "number one" For our tourists in Israel – Dead Sea. Water and dirt of the Dead Sea helps to get rid of many, considered incurable, diseases, but the main specialization of local resorts is the treatment of skin diseases. This year, the prices for treatment here for our tourists were available more than ever. As a result of the price war between two major Israeli operators "Metropolitan" and "Centrars" The cost of health tours to the Dead Sea fell almost to the cost, and in some cases below. The decline in prices led to the fact that at the resorts of the Dead Sea, traditionally considered elite, it was possible to relax for $ 770, including the flight and full board in the hotel 3 *. Some firms to get customers offer "Specogram" – Tours at low prices. For example, in September, even in the best hotel on the Dead Sea – a five-star Hyatt, you can relax, get a primary medical examination and one excursion for only $ 520 (without visa and flight costs). True, for treatment (massage, baths and other treatments) will have to pay additionally. For example, for five to six massage sessions – at least $ 120. And yet the fact remains a fact: today we can visit the Dead Sea for a very moderate amount.

VIP clients are offered rest in the so-called "Relax hotels" 5 *, for example, under Haifa, where they expect all kinds of health programs, massages, healing baths, meditation, oriental respiratory gymnastics. Poor customers in such hotels is carefully guarded: they are allowed in persons under the age of 18, it is forbidden to use mobile phones. At a fairly high cost (from $ 1500 per week, with flight and full board) Wellness "Relax tours" find their consumer in Russia.

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