Will animals dream dreams?

"Yes, dreaming. Physiology scientists watching the change in brain activity, made sure that animals also have a fast sleep phase, during which they re-experiencing events of the day. For example, striped finches in a dream "Losing" Your day arias.

Something we can see and with our own eyes. Watching your cats and dogs, which in a dream are sorted by paws, impoverish and t. D., It can be assumed that all animals, not counting some very primitive, dreams of dreams. ".

In the course of research, the animals were implanted with electrodes in the brain zone, controlling memory, mood and ability to spatial orientation. It turned out that almost half of the testimony obtained from sleeping animals was similar to the data recorded during their wakefulness.

In general, there are still many white spots in this matter. For example, it is still not entirely clear why, in principle, all living beings need a dream and why in different individuals it lasts different times. Undoubtedly seems only that the shortest time for recreation is required by animals that have many enemies, or so that should be powered very often, for example antelope.

Predators have a percentage of fast sleep higher than their victims. So, in cats fast sleep occupies 20%, and, for example, a rabbit or ruminant animals does not exceed 3%.

Will animals dream dreams

Previously it was believed that sharks never sleep. But then it turned out that they still sleep, gathering groups in the caves or crevices rocks.

Birds during the flight also need a dream, but they do not interrupt the flight, but continue it in a dream.

Dolphin to survive, it takes every one and a half minutes to do inhale – so he has the left and right hemisphere of the brain sleep in turn.

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