Wildlife corner on the edge of industrial Europe

Men in skirts, cheese and whiskey – here, perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Scotland. A very little know about Scottish attractions in Russia, and tours in Scotland on the our market appeared quite recently – only a year or two ago. However, they were sold at least until August last year, quite well. And even despite the crisis, our firms are not going to abandon this promising, in their opinion, directions.

The largest city of Scotland – Glasgow. However, most tourists come to Edinburgh, the country’s capital. This city is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful, but the most expensive European capitals – here is the highest standard of living, which means prices in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is known, first of all, the international music and drama festival, which takes place every summer. In total, 11 major international festivals are held annually in the capital of Scotland, tens of thousands of art fans come.

However, tourists in Edinburgh attract not only cultural events, but also perfectly preserved monuments of the Middle Ages, the most famous of which – Edinburgh Castle. The city is divided into several parts: the old town belonging to the early Middle Ages, the new – by the XVIII century and modern. The achievements of the Scottish capital successfully promotes "Edinburgh Marketing" – Corporation representing the interests of the local administration, owners of hotels and restaurants, as well as city travel agencies. In addition to the castle, tourists inspect the Palace Holyrud (the former Palace of Mary Stewart, and now the residence of the English Queen), the old street Royal Mile and the city center – "Princess Street", which are the famous Scottish Monument and National Picture Gallery. Due to the high cost of local hotels, especially during the festivals, tourists, as a rule, stop in Edinburgh no more than one or two days.

In total, an hour from the Scottish capital on the seafront is located a small old town of St. Andrews, where the oldest Scottish University is located and the oldest golf course in the country. The island of Arran is deserved and the Museum is open "Scotland in miniature" – Tourists go to the ferry from Andresan. And half an hour from Edinburgh is Stirring – a fabulously beautiful old university city.

Even in the early 90s, the city of Glasgow was awarded the title "Cultural capital of Europe", And this year by the management of the UK tourism management, he was announced "City architecture and design". This title of Glasgow received for a original architectural appearance, combining gothic, Italian revival, Gregorian and Victorian styles, as well as design in style "Art Nuovo" Charleze Makintosha. In Glasgow, more than 30 art galleries and museums, including the famous "Collection of Berevelop", One of the largest private collections in the world, and the gallery of contemporary art. 1999 will be the year of numerous cultural events – from exhibitions of avant-gardeners to street parades and carnavals. Translated from Celtic "Glasgow" denotes "expensive green place", What is quite consistent with the spirit of the city: he is really expensive and drown in greenery.

Wildlife corner on the edge of industrial Europe

On the northeast coast of Scotland is Aberdeen, which is often called "Silver city" for the special color of granite, from which many buildings are folded. Just like Edinburgh, Aberdeen is famous for its festivals. The city is also famous for parks, botanical gardens and exhibitions of living colors operating all year round.

Two famous sights of Scotland – Heilyands and Inverness. The first is a unique natural landscape in the north-west of the country, where the mountains are interspersed with the sea, and the meadows – forests. It is here that the highest point of Great Britain – Mount Ben-Nevis, and the legendary Lake Loch-Ness, in whose waters allegedly lives – a prehistoric monster, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. There are also many plants for the production of whiskey, castles, fortresses and museums. In summer, traditional folk games are held in cities and villages of this mountainous. Scots themselves love Inverness, a small town in 260 km north of Edinburgh. It is believed that it is from Inverness that most of the old Scottish families take place, this is the birthplace of oatmeal, whiskey and bagps.

Tourists also seek to visit inveri to see the superbly preserved Gothic castle on the shores of Lake Fine, or one of the Scottish Islands. In total, there are 787 islands in Scotland, and almost all of them are inhabited. In Western Islands, it is clearly well to feel that Scotland is not in vain is considered one of the last in Europe of oasis wildlife. Islands are connected with the mainland regular ferry flights, and on some there are local airports.

Wildlife corner on the edge of industrial Europe

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