Wild Wales

Located on the West Coast of Great Britain Wales – an ideal place for wildlife lovers and animal observation in a natural habitat. Below you will learn about the best natural reserves of Wales, where you can go this summer.

Berdvotching in Puffin (Puffin Island)

Not far from North Wales and the coast of England is Puffin Island. This uninhabited island is a paradise for wildlife lovers, and here you can meet not only deadlocks (ang. "Puffin" – "dead end"), but also about 12 types of seabirds, as well as gray seals. To see the impasse, Kairu and Gharta, go to the sea walk around the island – In addition to Berdvotching, you will enjoy a stunning view of Snowotha Mountains (Snowdonia Mountains). This spring and summer, tourists can go to the expedition around Puffin Island from Bewumaris Pierce (Beaumaris Pier) along with the Royal Birds Protection Society (RSPB Puffin Island Wildlife Cruise).

Dolphins in Newquer (Newquay)

On the middle coast of Wales, one of the most amazing natural shows is waiting for you – a flock of wild feathers. Make a boat trip to Newquay Harbor in Cardigan Bay: Here you can see one of two flocks of dolphins-aphalines living around the coast of Britain. Admire the game of dolphins in the natural environment and admire the magnificent view of the Ceredigion coast (Ceredigion).

Company "NEWQUAY BOAT TRIPS" Offers watch and two-hour sea walks to dolphins.

  • Upplay from Puffin Island
  • Dolphin in Newkway Harbor
  • Sea hawk
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  • Atlantic gray seal

Sea Hawk in Wales

If you want to see predatory birds in a natural habitat, go to Wales and look at your own eyes on these huge majestic birds. In the spring and summer, they can be seen in two points of Wales, where they arrive at the nesting – this is the Cors Daphi Reserve (Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve) in the Central Wales and the reserve of the Royal Society of Birds (RSPB) Glaslyn Osprey in Hilly North Wales.

Atlantic gray seals around Ramsey Island Island

Not far from Pembrokeshire coast (Pembrokeshire) is a reserve of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds of the Island of Ramsie (RSPB Nature Reserve Of Ramsey Island). Most often, it is associated with sea birds, but here is one of the largest in Britain of the rookery of Atlantic gray seals. At the end of the summer, tourists can see seal on the beaches and in the Bays of the island. In addition, the island rocks lives a huge variety of species of seabirds.

On the Rams Island, you can make a boat trip with St. Davids and Ramsey Island Voyage Discoveries.

Black Partridges in Coed Llandegla Forest

Also lovers of wildlife can observe the wedding dances of black partridges. From April to the end of May, the males of black partridges are important and blooming beautiful white tails to impress the females. This unique phenomenon can be observed in the forest COED LLANDEGLA Forest in North Wales.

Observation of black partridges with the Royal Birds Protection Society (RSPB) usually occurs in the early morning – this is the best time for Berdvotching.

Wild Wales

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