Wild pony take sugar from tourists

In the British county, Somerset on the hills of Kwaltok wild pony attack tourists because of sugar, writes Edition The Telegraph. The authorities of the city of Bridgewater declare that in an attempt to get the food "Pony-Sweet tooth" several times biting people. Recently, an incident occurred, during which the horse booted one of the women, as a result, the tourist received a fracture of the leg.

It is noted that animals also show aggression to each other, fighting for cookies, chocolate and other delicacies that tourists leave after picnics. The publication reports that the pony has long become the subject of scientific research aimed at identifying the mechanism for the development of various dependencies.

"Fingering a pony is dangerous. When you give them food, it contributes to changing their behavior and pushes on aggression. Recently, there were several cases when the horses closed someone’s legs, bites, damaged cars. Do not exacerbate the problem. Stay from them away and do not feed them, "said the county representative.

Wild pony take sugar from tourists

Pony live in these territories for over 60 years. For about 30 years, they occupy the land of hills of quantok. Many tourists and locals feed animals. However, after several cases of attacks of horses on people, the power of nearby cities fear that animals can be a threat to the public.

The breeder Richard Waterman notes that he has nothing against picnics on the hills, but emphasizes that people should not leave food, because dependence on sugar can damage the health of the pony.

Wild pony take sugar from tourists

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