Wild friendship

How gentle can polar bear can be, I felt Canadian Mark Dumas. He is probably the only person in the world who has the ability to constantly hug, kiss and even swim in the pool with a white bear. His Pitomice Eyji is already 20 years old. In early childhood, she fell out of the Swedish zoo to one of the best animal trainers in the world, which regularly prepares animals for filming in big cinema.

Since then, the bear has become a family favorite and starred in many films. From the last works – the Norwegian picture "Survive in the Arctic". 20-year-old Agei has its own page on Facebook, which gives an idea of ​​her lifestyle in British Columbia and friendship with family members Dumas.


English Naturalist Sean Ellis admits that he loves wolves as much as his family. He began to engage in these predators in 1990, and before that he studied Lisiza and Koyotov. Wolves conquered his heart: he learned to behave like them, spending two years side by side with wild wolf packs. In 2005, Sean took on the upbringing of three Volchat-orphans whose parents killed hunters.

Then his personal flock increased greatly. Now Ellis heads "Wolf Center" on the coast of Devon’s county (United Kingdom) and conducts courses on communicating with wolves. When Sean comes to his pets, he instantly becomes his: Wolves love to play with him, lying on the grass and expressing pleasure as the most ordinary dogs.

In striped swimsuits

American Janes Haley calls himself mom tigers. She in the garden in Orlando, Florida, two Bengal tiger lives – Fanman’s female and male saber. Jainis does not just go to them into the cells, but also for a long time in their arms, smoothing the clawed paws. Moreover, it gives hugging with the tigers of her daughter and is not afraid when she, playing, shoves his hand in the mouth of predators.

The first tiger appeared in the family Haley 20 years ago, when Janes decided to make wild animals, and she herself was tired of the office work herself. That first pet has already died, and in 2002 heyi bought Yand, and in 2007 – a two-week tiger saber.

Mowgli girl

Perhaps the most amazing example of a friendship of man and wild animals – Biography of the young Frenchwoman Tippi Dehre. The girl, which is now 25 years old, has happened to grow among animals, as her parents were wildlife photographers and traveled through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, and then moved to Madagascar. Her "brother" was Elephant Abu, with whom the girl met for a year and a half: he hugged the baby a trunk and shoved his flies from her, and when she wanted to play, sled her to his back. Tipping easily and easily played with a leopard than surprised her father. The girl was deprived of the society of children, except for short contacts with aborigines, but her friends were lions, ostriches, giraffes, mangone, carakala, crocodiles, zebras, giant frogs, cheetahs, snakes and chameleons.

Typipi spent ten years in such a company, and when he returned to France, became the star: Tippi of Africa was shot about her, the book written by her parents was released, and later the Tippi returned to Africa to remove several documentaries about Nature for Discovery Channel.

Wild friendship

Children and snakes

In Asian countries, instead of pets, children play with snakes. So, in 2012, the story of a boy from Cambodian village and his faithful pitonich campeun (translated from Khmer’s happy). As the father of the child told, the snake was first delivered to the baby, when it was for three months. A man seeing half-meter python in a son’s crib, did not kill him, and then in the jungle. However, the next day, Python was again found next to the boy. The second attempt to get rid of the snake ended in the same. After the third reptile return, the father allowed her to stay. And since then she did not leave the boy named Sambat Woon, and no one worries, although the snake grew almost up to 5 m. Residents of the village approve this friendship, as they believe that Python brings good luck. And the boy himself confessed that he loves a snake like sister.

Lions and people

Lion is considered a dangerous and aggressive predator. And do not everyone know how nelevo it happens. Confirmation of this is a whole series of human friendship stories and lion.

Once a young Australian John Rendall bought Lionca in a pet store in the UK. In 1969 it could be done perfectly legally. He cared for the animals along with another Anthony Berk, fed in restaurants, drove to walk to the local cemetery … Lev lived in the usual London apartment, until he became too big. In 1971, the grown Christian was returned to the wildlife to the pranodine – in Africa. A year later, friends arrived in Kenya to visit the pet. Contrary to the concerns, Christian immediately recognized John and hurried to conclude into his lion’s arms, he also willingly allowed to hug himself and friend Rendalla.

Later, young people came back, and Christian, already the father of the family, also warmly welcomed his old two-legged friends. Obviously, he did not forget them and loved very much.

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