Wild Descent in Cancun

Twenty years old how to relax in Cancun Americans. Three years hear there our speech. But Wet and Wild Water Park on this popular Mexican resort city solemnly opened only this summer – in August. And earlier in Cancun there was a thousand entertainment. Now one has become more.

Now tourists, visiting the ancient cities of Maya Tulum and Chichen-Itza near Cancun, having visited the island of Kozhelel and alloy in a cruise on "Pirate" Corway "Captain Huk", can be refreshing in this very water park. It is located very convenient for guests: in the tourist area of ​​the resort, near the lagoon. From neighboring hotels to the water park you can walk in three minutes, from the distant – five minutes by taxi.

For $ 35 With Person, visitors have the right to spend in the park all day: from 9 am to 7 pm. Get drunk here guests will not have time. In the park, four restaurants and an outdoor cafe overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

For supporters of calm water procedures "Lazy" River with a length of 250 meters, according to which customers float on rubber inflatable circles, rich artificial waterways. Those who wish to test themselves in rafting – alloy on a stormy mountain swift – can go on a kayak on a mining threshold. The sensations here on the alloy almost the same as on rivers in the mountainous part of Kalimanthan.

Maintain balance, going down, it is necessary for long oars. But even if you fall into the water – nothing. In local "River" no crocodiles nor Piranhai.

On the shores of the channels and "River" buffet tropical greens, exotic birds flute and a distant roar is heard or a lion, or the rhino. It is not necessary to scare: the roar is recorded on the tape recorder, like a quiet jazz music, which is pouring from the speakers hidden among palm trees.

Central entrance to the park has a winding slide high five meters high. On it children (only over five years old) can ride with a whistle and flop in "paddling pool". At a children’s hill, tutors from among the staff of the park are constantly dredging – so that the parents left unattended by his parents did not silence and would not rush inflatable mattresses.

Wild Descent in Cancun

For those adults who are not afraid of high speeds and steep aggravations when you spinning, turns over and on the pipe you are not going down the legs, and a holling is arranged-"kamikaze". The height of this slide is seventeen meters, and before descend from it, you need to go through a short briefing.

Thirsty with a crash to rush along this pipe a little. Most visitors looking like brands fly by "kamikaze" at a speed of fifty kilometers per hour (official data) and, collapsed in a reservoir, a depth of five meters, raise the whole cascades of water, as if couching, – ride it is afraid. Well, it is not necessary: ​​in the water park full of any other entertainment.

After a month or two, when the season of mass tourism will begin in Mexico, the ours with average sufficient will stretch in Cancun – to walitate holidays, and Aeroflot will resume their flight with intermediate landing in Miami.

But if some of the tourists who have come to the water park in Cancun will decide to ride a slide-"kamikaze", Let first listen to the advice of the park administration. And she recommends descending down this wild slide in Bermuda shorts. In ordinary floats, the risk of shaking the ass is great: at high speed of the handle, the current pipe for reducing friction does not save.

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