Wild dances

Disposed bandages instead of fraques and incendiary ethnic dances instead of classic Aria — For two days in the year, the Sydney Opera House turns into a platform of the Dance Rites Music festival («Dance rituals»).

A large-scale spectacle unfolds right under the walls of the theater: representatives of indigenous peoples from different countries of the world are dancing here. Five years in a row for the holiday of dance, live music and universal unity, hundreds of performers from the most remote corners of Australia are coming — Tyvi Islands and Torresov Strait, Cape York Peninsula, Central Australian Desert, Blue Mountains and Northern Territories. And last year, American Indians and American Indians.

Wild dances

Every year, the festival collects thousands of spectators. Decreased bodies, unusual costumes, primitive rhythms — all this takes into the world far from modern civilization. Participants are three dance on the contest: welcome, farewell and group, one of them is accompanied by a song in the language of the Aboriginal. Eight best performers go to the final, their performances can be seen again in the evening of the second day. Experts evaluate dance techniques, knowledge of the language, body color and possession of traditional tools, and the contest winners get a solid cash prize.

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