Wild boars captured Haifa

Israeli city Haifa captured wild boars. These animals can be found everywhere. They dorms on lawns, climb into inflatable pools at the receiving areas, feed from urban trash and actively give up food from passersby, writes The New York Times.

According to the city authorities, in 2019, residents of Haifa reported a meeting with wild boars 1328 times. It is almost 40% more than in 2015. In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic of coronavirus wild boars in the city became even more. Some citizens consider animals dangerous, others have come to the situation and call wild boars part of Haifa.

So far, no one can answer the question why there were so many boars in Haifa. Some believe that due to the fire in 2016, these animals lost their natural habitat. Others believe that the ban on the shooting of boars. Third consider the main reason for the number of garbage, which people produce, and believe that it is garbage tanks who attracted to the city of Kabanov, because it is a much easier way to find a food (in the vicinity of Haifa with a feed base for boars everything is in order).

Artist Edna Gorni says that the situation with boars is a great example of how a person can coexist with nature. Some compare what is happening with the way, friendly tigers settled next to people.

Wild boars captured Haifa

Despite the fact that many boys have become almost manual and calmly take food from the hands of citizens, some individuals are rather aggressive, especially those who have offspring. Kabanans are pounced on pensioners and schoolchildren. Local Port Worker Assaf Shechter said that his teenage daughter often asks to meet her from school, after she ran into the street with Kaban, and his mother-in-law began to carry a stick with her to drive away animals.

To protect the inhabitants from the boars, the parks and ravines burned in the city, and the chains hung on the garbage tanks so that they were harder to get in them. However, it is not clear how much these measures helped, since the city authorities do not publish fresh data on the situation with boars.

Local initiative groups offered to scare off boars with infrasonic waves that are not perceived by the human ear. Others offered to scare beasts with lion’s dung. One of the local professors for himself checked the method of scaring kabanov in the smell of urine (yes, he just urinated on his site). Kabanov did not scare it, and they again came to the house of a man. The same professor noted that the problem is not at all in boars, but in the fact that people cannot agree among themselves.

Wild boars captured Haifa

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