Wild bee: Curious facts about mosquitoes

Wild bee – just as, according to many researchers, the Slavic word "Komar" translates.

Modern Mosquito – a trifle, the size is not more than 12.5 mm. It flies dry between the rods of the rain for five minutes and can calmly walk along the threads of the web. But mosquito ancestors that appeared about 100 million years ago reached 5 cm.

Comer has lips. Close – these are the most that they bite you at night: insect trot and there is his lips, they are simply folded into the tube. Well, okay lips – there are jaws (long needles inside the trunk) and language! Through it, "wild bee" and delivers his saliva to the victim’s wound, which contains anticoagulants that prevent blood clotting.

Komara’s teeth also have. Tiny, but numerous – 50 pieces. Here they are insect and piercing your skin. And the night visitor to your bedroom, as you know, exclusively female – in males mosquitoes, the mouth will be underdeveloped, and they feed nectar.

There is evidence that the "delicious" bloodstream is considered the first group of blood, in second place – the third, but the second mosquito is not to taste

Wild bee curious facts about mosquitoes

The blood is needed by females not so much for food, as in order to make as much offspring as possible, which is vital proteins and iron. The female who did not receive a "dose" will postpone five to ten eggs, having bought blood – all 200. By the way, at times, the molds are capable of drinking twice – and even more – blood than weighs itself. What to say, women – evil.

And the females themselves choose their partners. And unlike representatives of Homo Sapiens, males Culicidae (that is, actually, mosquitoes) prefer the "ladies".

Mosquito’s squeak – nothing but the sound of his wings, which he waves with truly crazy speed – 600 cotton per second. This pussy of females and attract their cavaliers. Males are also singing, but the squeak of them, as it should be for men, more bassist. As well as more attractive senior females.

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