Wiking Housewives Family

By the number of strong marriages, Denmark may compare except with Muslim countries. Although it’s too late here: up to 30 years old, you are not in a hurry, you just live together for a long time, – but if they are solved for marriage, then, as a rule, for life.

They say, in recent years, Danish husbands have entered into fashion. Calm, purposeful, reliable. But to get the right to marry foreign, the Dane must not consist on social security, must provide a deposit of 50 thousand kroons (it is more than six thousand dollars) and have a fairly large apartment where the future wife and child will be able to accommodate. In addition, recently Denmark adopted new integration rules for which the period for obtaining a permanent residence permit has been extended to seven years. Some consider these rules with Draconski, they say, now the poor will not be able to marry foreigners. But at the same time, such rules defend foreign women in Denmark.

For its part, the our woman who decided to change the usual life to the Danish family values ​​should also represent what comes. In addition to the fact that it will be necessary to master not such a light Danish language, she will have to get used to a completely different relationship.

By the way, in Denmark, foreigners who arrived at permanent residence for free, they train the Danish language for free, and even textbooks, books, dictionaries issue free. ours, disgusting from this kind of social benefits, it seems amazing. But there are courses and other, various species – from language and sports to psychological training courses, the fee for which is also small, and the state pays. Danes are generally accepted to visit a variety of courses – everything is learned from Mala to Great and everything you can come up with! Visiting courses is a kind of proof for others that you strive for self-improvement and ready to spend personal time.

There are only courses of adaptation to the Danish lifestyle. And for us it turns out to be a rather complicated process. Many, live in Denmark for a long time, admit that still feel here strangers.

Danes – one of the most law-abiding people in the world, with the exception, perhaps, Danish motorists. All pay huge taxes and almost do not complain, because it is thanks to "Brutal" The taxation system of the Danish society is arranged so that most of its needs are satisfied for the public account. Everything functions like a clock – the bus stops exactly at the schedule, in the library, the computer instantly finds the book you need, medical care at all levels is free, for training until the university does not need to pay, and students still have a mandatory scholarship. The desire to provide everyone according to needs – and material, and moral, in essence, and determines the welfare of society – Welfare State, which the Danes are very proud.

Denmark leads in the world in terms of the level of protection of the population from all sorts of problems. One of the first, she solved the problem of same-sex marriages, refusing the state in the right to intervene in such intimate questions of the personal life of their citizens. Same-sex families have the opportunity to formally register their relationships, adopt children and use the same benefits as "Normal".

Or take at least a notorious apartment question: for applicants for social housing in Denmark there are no restrictions on age and income received. V "Waiting list" Even adolescents from 15 years can register. And it does not seem strange: in 18 years, children leave home. From now on, they are independent people. Purely friendly relationships are supported with parents, but it is not accepted that. True, the brothers and sisters are played in the fate of an adheft Dane – brothers and sisters play – to seek help for help. Therefore, most residents of Denmark calls their best friends from brothers and sisters.

And yet Danish families are distinguished by a sense of a single team, mutual. Family does everything together: discusses the repair of the house, plans to travel on vacation, large purchases. Adults are ready to teach a little man to everything that they know, do not regret it for this time. Dad does not consider to help the son to make repairs in his room and will obediently paint the walls into acid colors, if the child chose such an interior design. Many visitors, however, note that the Danish children – the creatures are quite spoiled and even rude. Teenager can make rude remark Father or mother in the presence of other adults, demonstrating "equality" in the family, and parents will take this absolutely calm.

Raising children at all occupies a special place in the philosophy of the Danish family. This is a fashionable topic for disputes, newsstands and popular books. There is a special name for the method of Danish family education – "Uncommitted ripening". It is believed that, having matured, baby "Purify" and independently winning the norms of behavior, focusing on public morality. Need to admit that it is usually so it happens.

Wiking Housewives Family

Distribution of roles in a typical Danish family is different from us. In Denmark, the concepts are significantly less "Women’s and Male Responsibilities", All homework is evenly distributed between husband and wife. But prepare in the family more often a man than women. You can say this is a kind of phenomenon of the Danish family. First, more than 80% of women are working here, housewife status even among older women unopullen. Even if the money in the family is enough, the non-working spouse causes the perplexity of others. It is believed that a woman is physically tired per day much more than a working man, and strong half of the Danish society work out this version in the kitchen. Secondly, each Dane is proud of what is happening from the Vikings, most of the life carried out in the campaigns, so he knows how to prepare, sew and knit no worse than any hostess. So modern Vikings now proudly demonstrate their courage in the household.

Danes are considered the most emancipated in the world. Perhaps here the largest number of feminists regarding the population of the country as a whole. Why? Again, the story itself ordered so. The country in the absence of Women’s wandering men, so they have long ceased to consider themselves weaker men. Men are accustomed to and perceive it as proper, calm and confident – as true Vikings. By the way, since 1972, the Danish kingdom rules a woman – Queen Margret II.

Most Danish families live in their own homes, which are transmitted from generation to generation. If the house is bought, then you choose it for a long time and picky, because they will settle in it, as a rule, for life. The first thing in the new house is bought by a large table and flag – the main attributes of the Danish coziness. Table – symbol of a friendly family, and the flag – happiness. On any holiday flag in a vase, be sure to stand on the table, the garlands of flags hang on the walls and even the cake decorated with flags!

The most common national hobby is to buy and make your own hands. Different households: napkins, decorations for walls, windows, beds – so that the house is happy. Returning from the journeys, Dane is lucky gifts not only for family members, but for home.

If the family breaks down or, by virtue of different circumstances, a woman remains alone with children – this is an event that is equivalent to a natural disaster. On "affected" Immediately the entire social system begins to work, paying a variety of manuals: single mother, children, housing, social. In Denmark, it seems that the poorest is or more difficult than the condition of his life, the more interesting and more important for society. The system of assistance to the elderly, disabled people, mentally ill people and homeless people work flawlessly: home visits service, at night, dining room, medical care points. There are no orphanages here, because the orphaned child is almost immediately satisfied with the seven. More than adoption, the so-called adaptation is popular when the child is raised and lives in the family, but is not considered a receiving son or daughter. So, in Danish families, children live from countries of Africa and East Asia, including disabled children.

Having covered attention "Vulnerable layers of society", Available in themselves, Danes are drawn abroad. For example, Denmark participates in the program "Chernobyl children", Taking children from the Chernobia regions, helps orphans, homeless and elderly residents of St. Petersburg. Even a charitable project has been developed "East – St. Petersburg", And on the means of individuals – citizens of Denmark in the northern capital is open a free dining room for the poor.

Wiking Housewives Family

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