Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt)

Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt) – City in the east of Austria, located in the federal land of Lower Austria, 61 kilometers south of Vienna and 143 km north-east of Graz. Population – 41 537 people (2012).

The first mention of the city dates back to 1194. At this time, he was a fortress that served as a border point. The flourishing of Wiener Neustadt fell on the XV century. In these years, its population has increased. However, in 1768, the city was badly injured from the earthquake.

During World War II, Wiener Neustadt was practically completely destroyed.

Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt)

One of the main attractions of Wiener Neustadt is Ruins of urban wall, Protecting Wiener Neustadt from the invasion of the Turks. Its most remarkable and most preserved construction – Northwest Reckturm Tower, in which the Museum of Armor and Weapons is now.

Winger Neustadt Castle (Burg In Wiener Neustadt)
– the magnificent structure in the classical style, erected in the XII century by order of Emperor Leopold III. At one time was used as a residence, defensive structure and prison. Since 1752, the Military Academy is located in the castle building. After World War II, the castle was completely restored.

Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt)

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