Why zhiraf rozhy?

Little giraffe horns are more likely to die than you are frightened, nevertheless it is a weapon. The long neck along with the head-sitting on her head and the horns forms the similarity of the Bulava – a fighting tip with a stitching tip. Readers may argue that at the end of the real Bulava, most often there are several pointed teeth, and there are two of them. But it is not so. Some varieties can have four small horns, and even five, so that a comparison with the mace is quite appropriate.

Everyone knows that the giraffes live in African savannas. Females with young can form small herds, but adult males lead a single lifestyle. If suddenly the path of two spotted handsome men intersect, between them there is a "serious male conversation". Especially active males will find out the relationship, if nearby will be ready for the reproduction of the female.

After a turn of strong blows, one of the competitors recognizes defeat and leaves, but sometimes a fight ends with knockout

Usually the fighters get up side by side and begin to measure and leisurely apply powerful blows to each other. Neck act like very long and strong hands. It seems that the giraffes are harvested by each other, as if by making the end of each hit by horns. Despite the fact that the horns are small, from the inside they are strengthened by radio chains, so they beat out. Usually after a series of strong blows, one of the competitors recognizes defeat and leaves, but sometimes the fight ends with knockout.

Horns are used only in ships with themselves like. From predators giraffes defend extremely legs that naturally. All savanna carnivores, including the most dangerous – lion, much lower than our long animal. If the giraffe decided to guess the king of the beasts, he would have to bend, and in this position he loses his stability. Remember the giraffe on the water. Tilts are clearly not easy. So it turns out that knocking the predator is easier to foot, and horns – only to combat equal in height rivals.

But there are growing on the head not only in males. Newborn young horns are very small – no more than 2.5 cm – and can bend to the head. In females, they reach about 20 cm, and in adult males – 25 cm. Giraffe horns whole covered with skin and wool. Giraphyat and Girafih, they often end with pretty black tassels, and the males’ scaffolds are usually bald due to frequent use.

Why zhiraf rozhy

Interestingly, the females have their head growns never use, but nevertheless they have them. Really just for beauty?

To answer this question, it is necessary to remember that the giraffes belong to a ruminant wooden mammal, like many other herbivores, such as deer, antelopes, goats, sheep and cows. Almost all representatives of this huge group have horns. In some animals, they are only in males, like deer, from others – and in males, and in females, like goats and cows. Experts suggest that more ancient wooden horns were decorated with the heads of both sexes, and the rules of females appeared later.

Probably, the giraffes in the process of evolution of their species have not yet reached the stage when the horns in females will disappear. Maybe never achieved. The fact that Girafih has a charming grown on his head, says not that they need them for something, but rather that they seem to do them at all.

Why zhiraf rozhy

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