Why zealand is new?

New Zealand’s current name is obliged to one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands – Zeeland (what the difference between the Netherlands and Holland, "My Planet" told here). In the XVII century, the Netherlands Courts under the leadership of the Navigator-researcher Abel Tasman reached the Southern Island relating to the current New Zealand. Unknown Shores Cartographers marked as Zeeland, which means "Marine Country". But in order not to confuse confusion, the word Nieuw added, and it turned out Nieuw Zeeland.

For about 100 years, open lands did not interest anyone. While in 1769, the British traveler James Cook did not go to their shores. Since he studied in detail and described the perimeter of the islands, some attribute them to opening them, and not Abel Tasman. By the way, it is the Cook "British" name to the form in which it is known today around the world – New Zealand, that is, translated into our – "New Zealand".

So the "old" zealand is also – more precisely, there are even two. One is in the Netherlands, mainly on the islands and capes at the mouth of the Shelda River. Another is the island that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark.

But back to the new. The indigenous peoples of the archipelago, Maori, called the country of Aotearoa (Aotearoa), which literally means "country of long white clouds", "Long light world" or "Eternal Day". In some legends, Maori Aotearoa is the name of the boat belonging to the discoverer of these lands, in other variations he discovered them, driven by long white clouds.

Why zealand is new

Currently, the name of Aotearoa acquires among New Zealanders more and more popularity. Maori language is among the three official languages ​​of the country, and usually the national anthem is performed first on it, that is, people often hear the old name. I must say, many it seems much more unique. Perhaps once an Aotearoa and will be the official name of the country, and New Zealand will remain only in history.

Previously, "My Planet" published an article "New Zealand in our". On the salvation of Maori and Bird Kiwi, New Zealand Winter and ours, Natalia from Pyatigorsk told us with the eyes of New Zealanders, who moved to live in Auckland.

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