Why it is worth watching "Wild West World"?

In this post, I want to tell about the really cool movie "Wild West World", Whose premiere took place on October 3. To tourism he is certainly no relationship, but since I am impressed by his viewing, I decided to write about it ..

In the new project, Jonathan Nolana talks about the confrontation of people and robots living in the thematic park. The premiere of the TV project was "Amediateke" October 3.

On the big screen at twelve our cities, the pilot series of the series could be seen on October 4. Amedia Premium HD TV channels and telecom operator "House.ru ». Also, the "Wild West World" could be viewed in the Caro Cinema Network.

1. Religious founders

Brothers Jonathan and Christopher Nolanans love to create in a pair. But in the work on this project, Jonatana helped Spouse Lisa Joy. Produced the HBO TV series for Brian Burke and Jay Abrams, formerly occupied by the TV series "In the field of view" from CBS. The world saw five seasons of a TV project, revealing the subject of artificial intelligence, as well as the "Wild West World".

A new director works on each series of the first season of the series. The first episode was delivered by Nolan. In the creation of the following will be involved Michelle McLaren, Vincenzo Natalie, Nile Marshall and other catering figures. The director of the final series will also be Jonathan Nolan.

2. Modern version of the film Michael Childon

The series has become a remake of the popular science fiction "Western World" of 1973, a film with great historical importance. Most sci-fi masterpieces of cinema, shot without special effects, in dire need of modern analogues.

A married couple borrowed from Church only the foundation of the plot: People buy entrance tickets to the theme park, where robots live. Nolan decided to complicate the idea of ​​the uprising of an artificial mind from a psychological point of view: the robots in the series do not realize that they would have been robots, and the test of Turing would have passed.

Childon did not have such advantages of the version of Nolan as technical progress and timing. To brightly convey the story, enough for ten o’clock. For one and a half hours of the film, only a robot with burning eyes and a threatening gait, which Yul Brinner was played. In the old film, scientists only did that sit in front of cubic monitors and panels with a lot of light bulbs. In the modern version, this storyline is much more interesting.

3. Fantasy and a little western

Cryton divided the thematic park for 3 zones: Wild West, ancient Rome and medieval Europe. Nolan and Jay decided to leave only the first. Due to this, the plot canvas of the series looks more slim and clearly.

So the combination of two interesting genres was born – fiction and Western. First of all, this is Sai Fi, but there are horse racing, and fights in the bar, and shooting from revolvers, and these are integral elements of each Western.

Why you should see

4. Confrontation of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris

In the new version you can see at least a dozen famous actors. Evan Rachel Wood performed the role of the main character – a cheerful android girl, every morning waking up a bit of reprogrammed. The role of her guy is playing James Marsden, and the bandit, with which the heroine has a complex relationship – EdD Harris.

The role of scientists who create and programming robots played Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins and Luke Hemsworth.

At first, even the audience is not known who is a person here, and who android. Therefore, when a cute hero was killed, you can not rush to upset – most likely, he is a car with an artificial mind and will very soon return to the screen. True, if its software has shortcomings, the hero is deactivated and placed in a terrible dark hangar – a place for robots that behaved badly (scholars called it for livestock).

5. Inventive musical mix

Creation of Nolana and Joy looks expensive, which has become the norm for our era of cinema. There are many filming of monumental canyons, wide steppes, full-flow rivers and other beauty of nature. In the film, everything limited to the dusty cowboy village and a new-fashioned laboratory.

The soundtrack for the series was written by Ramin Javadi, the creator of musical accompaniment for the "Game of Thrones" and "Pacific Rise". Combining two genres, the author skillfully combines different epochs. Rodrigo Santoro pumped shootout is accompanied by "Paint IT Black" The Rolling Stones, as if written by Annio Marrikon. At the end of the episode, Johnny Cash sounds, and we immediately want to see the continuation.

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