Why you need to behave well in the hotel?

Thanks to hundreds of sites with reviews on the Internet, we can get information about any hotel, find out all its cons and disadvantages. But far from everyone knows that there is a similar ransika and hotels about us, their guests.

Fortunately, hotels are more objective and in &# 8220; Honor leaf&# 8221; add only very guilty guests, but nevertheless it is useful about his existence.

One of the most famous &# 8211; This is a site GuestChecker.Com. It appeared only 4 years ago in 2010. The base, naturally, closed and access the hotel can only access her. As a rule, access is issued only to one person from the number of managers.

Information in the database is not in the open form, even getting access, you will not be able to view all distinguished. The hotel officer can only enter the name and surname of the guest and check if it is in the database or not. If any, he will receive information about his &# 8220; heronts&# 8221; and what category they include.

Who gets into the database?

There are several different categories of violations. Small &# 8211; This failure to comply with the rules and conditions of residence, for example, using the swimming pool in the clock not provided for this and T.NS. The most stringent includes Charch back, theft, attack on guests or hotel staff.

Here is a list of all violations:

  • damage to property
  • Neulation / Charch Beck
  • Why you need to behave well in the hotel
  • insult
  • Excessive noise
  • use of the pool / gym and t.NS. in hours when they are closed
  • Violation of the deadlines of Checkin and checkout from the hotel
  • Matching with animals without permission
  • Non-smoking in prohibited places
  • The requirement of upgrade and other attributes
  • Guests in the room, without the permission of the hotel
  • not settling in the hotel
  • Subjective and excessive complaints
  • theft. To get to the list for theft you can not only staging something really valuable, but also dragged home towel or bathrobe.
  • attack
  • Other actions of criminal nature

In addition, there is a small section where the hotelians can share information on how to please the guest and even praise it. Not all use it, but some managers write down preferences, thus arriving at another hotel, it can see your favorite fruit on the table or somehow a specially paid bed and t.NS.

If I got into the database, then it means me will not fall in any hotel?

No, this is not a black list, it’s just a list with information that will help the hotel to serve without prejudice to yourself and other guests. Naturally, if you were caught on theft or charchbeck, then, most likely, the hotel will not be confirmed.

In addition, every provinciality has been established for limitations. For the most strict violation, you will be in the base of 4 years, after which you will be deleted from it.

All who fall into the database, the hotel or the service itself is obliged to notify. If you are included in it, you will definitely learn about it.

Do all hotels enjoy the base?

No, not all hotels use it, but in the USA it is quite popular. Many hotels lead their lists and do not share with others. Therefore, if you are found in a network hotel, that is, it is highly likely that the next time you will not fall there there.

Now in the base of more than 80,000 different hotels, motels, hostels and apartments in the United States and in 28 other countries and more than 100,000 guests who somehow stood out in the course of residence.

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