Why You Need It

There is a lot of reasons to go to Spain. For some reason, Hemingway was wound there all the time. Something he found Spanish. In our understanding – completely our. Not by chance hemingway among others "strangers" Writers were considered her. Not by chance the Soviet hit – "Carmen", Not by chance Bizet Shchedrin.

Yes, and in general, Spain is one of the rare in the world truly "Male" countries. Well, even straining very much, someone can call more male lesson than Toreodor? And who did not dreamed of being on the ground that born such men?

With Spain come across as inevitability. Need to go. The question is where exactly allowed it is quite difficult: there are no bad resorts in Spain. Nevertheless, choose.

Costa Brava. It is considered a cheap resort. An ideal place for those who go to the sea for the sake of the sea. Here are many bays, and therefore waves are small and water is not cold. Baby will love the child. Many guest houses for family holidays. Not far to Barcelona, ​​where the pope thirsty cultural programs can visit numerous museums. In addition, near the town Figueiros with its main attraction – Salvador Museum Dali. All dads and mothers museum.

Between Costa Brava and the neighboring Costa Dorada there is a unique place in which the Spaniards placed all the interesting things that, from their point of view, can be seen in other countries. Here in the territory of 115 hectares are collected attractions, scattered in five continents. Mother Earth is divided here on the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and Wild West. And what is wonderful, you meet here exactly what is supposed to meet in these areas, that is, the Great Wall of China, Maya Temple, Jungle, and Other.

Costa Dorada. Famous for many bays and beaches. Beaches here are completely wild. The resort is not from the most expensive. Europeans here go to families. Merry young people go here. One of the reasons is a lot of cheap three-star hotels.

Costa del Azahar. Madrid residents ride here. So, the Spaniards themselves recognize him quite a decent place for holidays (they are hardly so economical that they choose this coast solely because of its proximity to the capital). Costa del Azar for our tourists is almost unavailable, since domestic travel agencies bypass him with their attention. But very popular in Russia neighboring resort – Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca. It is here that the our nouveroi exercise their dream of a chic passage villa. Despite the abundance "New", Here you can relax inexpensively and tastefully. Places here are extremely beautiful – nuvhorisha, in the end, do not buy anything in vain.

Costa de almeria. Pretty expensive resort. In addition, from Russia to him, it has to get at all over the oversalt. Therefore, in great demand, he does not use in our market.

Costa Del Sol. Considered the most picturesque Spanish coast. In any case, most photos reflecting extraordinary Spanish beauty, done here. This is the birthplace of Flamenco (therefore there is a chance to see the present, not a tourist flamenco). And if you ask the Spaniard, where it is better to watch the Corrida, he will tell you that you have already arrived. Here she, in Spanish concepts, the most beautiful (if this epithet is generally applicable to Corrida).

Here is the city of Rondo with the Museum of the Corrida – the oldest isna for the battleship of the bulls. Here are the most real Andalusian courtyards who can see any tourist. Descendants of those who built Andalus houses still live in them. And by agreement with municipalities allow themselves to the house of foreign tourists who dreams of touching the old. The municipality, naturally, the welcomes the owners for their glades.

We use the greatest demand for two resorts of this coast: Torremolinos and Marbayia.

Torremolinos. Place for middle wealth people, although there are also very expensive hotels. Historically, there was a European retirees and the European youth. And those and others precisely because of low prices. For pensioners here – quiet courtyards of coastal hotels, for youth – discos, bars and international parties.

Here you can "Make a good shopping". Hand to send to Malaga and Granada, where it is full of cheap and high-quality clothes. Yes, and silver can be acquired (advice from "I": at the hotel "Triton" Sold best silver products. At the best prices).

Retreat. If you have a little money and you live in a three-star hotel, who has no beach, – Know, you saved. Because in Spain there is no private property to the beaches. And you with a calm conscience can go to the beach of a five-star hotel. You have the same right on him as the Tolstopusky Scandinavian.

Marbella. Next to Costa del Sol is the most expensive Spanish resort Marbayia. He is one of the most prestigious world resorts. Local hotels are not lowered below four stars. Every summer and autumn goes to marbey "Cash bags" from all over the world. The port of Puerto-Banus adjacent to the resort is their yachts, on board which these bourgeois love to spend the weekend. And once a year to make a Mediterranean Promenade. In general, everything is expensive here. And so much arranged on the highest discharge that cars on the streets of the city are allowed only by a special pass. Even limousines. The ladies come here won walking on the embankment. And okay would just walk, so they stroll in the decollete and diamonds. But what is the most terrible, men look exactly the way it should look like men who accompany the ladies in the neckline and with diamonds.

Around marbey a lot of fashionable villas. We have already noted here: Spaniards know that the demand for these expensive dwellings is especially large among ours.

Naturally, near Marbey, as a place where rich people are resting, there are plenty of golf sites (if you are accurate, then they are 27). And if golf is tired to hell, then you can rent a yacht. And a little dispel in the fresh air.

And in the evening you can get everything on the same embankment. And to move the our diamonds so that the Yankees (not to mention the Germans) for a long time. And in the five-star hotel Torrequebrada (just 22 kilometers from Marbey), where the most solid Spanish casino is located, "our" exactly cast with Western competitors.

In the morning, you can get into the old town – Of course, if you are interested in walking on a powerful blocking streets and, as it were, accidentally get into the orange grove, stretching right on the Town Hall Square. And then, ignoring paid by Dinner in one of the most elegant hotels of the coast, to eat in the zucchka, whose walls are hung with portraits attending this establishment of Toreoodor. And be sure to eat "Hammersero" – smoked pork leg (if you don’t try it so cute stomach of every Spaniard dish, then this very Spaniard never believes you that you were actually in Spain). In whatever corner of Spain, you must have visited, you must taste (besides Hammerrano) Gaspacho – cold tomato soup, and also fried sardines with olives and boquerones en vinagre (small fish with vinegar).

Why You Need It

Costa de La Luz. famous beaches. They are so huge that even the Rabinovich family (including all the uncle and aunt-tetshews with children, cousins ​​and grandparents, who left the grandchildren in Israel, and aunt Hasu, who remained everyone else in Odessa) will not be able to take a hundredth share of adjacent to the hotel strip.

Galicien and Kantabrien. What to say. Here is the best kitchen. Therefore, these resorts were chosen by the Germans. But not the best weather. Therefore, the Spanish North is not very complaining of our compatriots.

Mallorca. Last and most tempting place. The largest of the Balearic Islands. Spain, about which they say it is not Spain. The Spaniards themselves with this statement do not quite agree. They are visible. The Germans are the first of the foreigners who recognized Majorca as an ideal place to rest – once treated him neglectively. And even nicknamed him "Island of cleaners", Hinting that even a servant can afford a vacation at such a cheap resort. Over time, the Germans changed their attitude towards Mallorca, calling her "Island surprises". The resort’s immutable in Germany again entered the fashion. And not only in the Germans. Hollywood celebrities buy villas here. Sean Connery was one of the first rich Americans, tagged here.

Frederick Chopin and Georges Sand, who spent the winter of 1838-1839 were recognized as the first Mayorkin tourists. On this occasion, annually in September in the town of Valdemos, where these world celebrities were wintering, the Chopin Festival was held, on which the current world celebrities. Among other Chopin’s works, they perform what was written by the Polish composer in his Spanish period. It is clear that besides the Mazurki to compose, – in the XIX century, in Mallorca, in winter, – there was nothing. No entertainment. However, in winter and now they will not really find them. You need to go to Mallorca in the summer, and even better in September – early October, when it is not so hot, but not yet cold, and the Mediterranean waters, washing the island, already clean from the bodies of different tourists. What is there to argue – Winter time by the sea is for especially romantic natures. But in the summer in Mallorca, it is worth going to those who have long not noticed any gusts in themselves.

You are a very serious person. But, despite the seriousness, have acquired children. So: children, if they find yourself in Mallorca, will remember this rest to the most. Here you (or rather, im) and water park, and dolphinarium, and park "Jurassic period", And all sorts of well-modern water entertainment.

If you are a very serious person and money you have much more than children, it is worth staying at Cape Formenser. Here is the hotel of the same name – one of the most fashionable in Spain. Sea sand here is so small that seems dust. Your girlfriend will like right here.

On Mallorca there is something to do and those who have not yet lost a romantic look at the world. And even if you still managed to give birth to a couple of children, then you know that in Spain, children are not a hindrance romance. In 4-5-star hotels there are special programs for children. About whether the autonomous entertainment of your Chad is included in the price of the tour, it is better to cope in advance. In Spain, they can single out an individual nurse for a child, and can offer and leisure in the peer environment. Usually, the lessons of Spanish and sports programs are provided for children. Since any normal child is much more correct to call the blades in physiognomy "Sogrupnik", than dad or mom (even more than a foreign nurse), then it will still be better to put it in a group of peers. In the end, in twenty years, it will be easier for him to enter into a commercial agreement with the German, the reliability of which he once defined with the help of a blade. Better communication better in childhood.

Yes, something else for romantics. If a little bit into the depths of the island, you can see "Real Spanish life". But if you get into my head to talk with the villagers, then keep in mind that they, as it should be true Spaniards, speak exclusively in Spanish. In Mallorca Spanish is Majorkin (Catalan dialist). In general, in Spain – four Spanish. In addition to Catalan and Castilsky, which was recognized by the state with Franco, there is also Gallesky and Basque. And if you, referring to the road scheme, suddenly find that on the way in kind, there is not at all the village, which is indicated in the diagram, do not be afraid: just inhabited on the pointer is indicated in the language on which the language spoken in this area. Nothing terrible: the real Spaniard in the depths of the island will always tell you where it is better to go.

And to go right, it is better to rent a car. And not be chained to your hotel and the beach. Then you can get to the glass factory, where products are blowing through the technology of the XVII century (a spraying car that does not allow it to distinguish it from the product created by three centuries ago – and the mother-in-law will love you as a native son). You can call for the fair where skin products are sold. Seventeen-year-old son is unlikely to make the design of the jacket acquired there, but a forty-year-old father will appreciate its quality.

Go around all wonderful caves on the coast can only be done by car. And the tired of natural beauty (the coast of Mallorca is so beautiful that from this beauty, indeed, you can slightly climb), it is worth joining the audience of the Knight’s tournament in some village. Perhaps even that one of the knights will choose your companion with its beautiful lady. And then the other – "bleeding" Winner – give her a rose. And expressively look at you. Maybe after that, the story of Carmen will not seem such a literary. It is not necessary to go to Corrida to Continental Spain – it is enough to visit Mallorca to understand that Toreodor is not so much a profession as a national character.

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