Why you may not be allowed on the flight?

If you have a plane ticket, it does not mean that you fly away. And we’re not talking about a delay or cancellation. Between you and your dream vacation can stand at least 6 obstacle.

Dirt and bad smell

Yes, stinky and messy may be denied boarding on the plane. The exceptions are the unpleasant odors caused by disease or disability. You should understand that the plane – an enclosed space which can not be ventilated during flight time. And odors and stain clothes bring discomfort to passengers and crew. American Airlines is even prescribed in the rules.

It does not matter, fighting for the life of you in the sweaty tropics or fell in the mud in front of the airport – in the salon you should enter a clean and relatively fresh. To correct a misunderstanding, almost all airports have separate showers and clothing stores. Yes, I have to spend money, but it will still be cheaper than a new ticket.

You all swear

Everything is simple: if you can not cope with his anger and arguing with each counter with or without, perhaps, you will not be allowed on the flight. Rowdy nobody wants, do not like them, and if something happens to the chair primatyvayut cling film or other people’s belts.

And if you came to blows against passengers or crew members, to be sure, in the point of arrival you will have to wait for the local police. Airlines in this case has the full right to prescribe a penalty and enter your data in the black list. And at least a year you will not be able to fly by this carrier.

You are not so dressed

The choice of clothing also affects the possibility of flying. Airlines of Saudi Arabia very carefully follow the clothes of their passengers. To them on board it is impossible to pass in shorts. And on board any vessel may not let because of abusive inscriptions on clothes. Well, you know: here refers religion, politics, theme of race and so on. Therefore, always see what you mean inscriptions on your things and do not buy those where you are not sure with the translation.

Especially picky airlines may not put on the flight if you are heels. This is not suitable shoes for the aircraft, since in case of evacuation can cause injuries. Shoes still have to remove, as the hairpins, for example, can pierce the air ladder.

Incorrect drum down

Why you may not be allowed on the flight

Fly with shock? Then the urn needs documents and each airline may vary by transportation rules. If you want to carry it in hand baggages, be sure to check with the carrier, what documents are needed for this. In place without documents, such a question will be solved will be difficult, it is likely that you will simply not be allowed to fly.

You have overweight

With the landing on the aircraft there may be problems in people with overweight. And the point is not at all in some discrimination, but safe. The fact is that when takeoff and landing, it is necessary to fasten – this is a prerequisite. If the seat belt does not converge and does not fit, under threat, first of all you yourself. In this case, the airline has the full right to refuse to land. But there is a way out – to redeem not one place, but two and lift the armrest. But it will be two tickets. So the rest of the passengers conveniently arrange, and you will be safe!

Problem with passport

There can be anything: his dubious appearance, poor similarity of your face and photography, faded photography, overdue validity period, inside torn pages or traces of cat teeth on the cover. In general, make sure that the passport is always in good condition outside and inside.

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