Why windows of Cuban houses without glasses?

Cuba is a country of bright colors and eternal holiday. Rich color greens, blue waters of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, the abundance of tones in clothes and houses – sometimes lulubbled, without glasses in the windows, but color.

And instead of glass, as a rule, set blinds or shutters. And it is not only in private homes. Unfluous windows are found in museums, banks and even hotels! There are several reasons for this.

The first is the material position of local residents. Life in Cuba colorful, but poor. Many people live at the expense of tourist business, and most of all do doctors and dancers earn. The rest survive thanks to the support of the state, begging and helping familiar from abroad, but this is barely enough to reduce ends meet. And glass is a dear thing. On Yandex.ZenE "- Stormy debate.

Stanislav Belov: Cause One is very expensive. Put the glass + grilles in a house of 100 square meters. m in Havana – gave $ 1500.

However, with the fact that Cuba is poor, not all agree.

Prince Felipe: The main reason is the traditions. Better than fan is a draft. And glazed windows (generally versal!) There will be much cheaper system with wooden (!) blinds. This is the word about poverty. Houses built in the 70s, 80s, 90s, A la Khrushchevka were already our Soviet Khrushchev. On the same site there were two apartments that had windows on both sides of the house and wooden blinds on the windows that saved and from the sun, and shower, and provided good drafts.

The second reason is a hot climate. In the coldest months, the air temperature is rarely lowered below +15 ° C, and usually more than +25 ° C. In addition, there is always high humidity on the island, because of which the premises are required to constantly ventilate. Remove the air conditioner can not every family, and a light breeze, blowing the house, – salvation. And from the scorching sun protect wooden shutters or blinds.

Third – the strongest wind. The hurricane season lasts around July to November, and at this time from visiting the island it is better to refrain. Livni can go with such force that cause floods, and hurricanes often become the cause of destruction. That is why many showcase glasses are sealed crosswise by paper: so that, escaping the storm, it at least fell compact and did not praise anyone. But it is much easier to install it at all: no glass – no problem.

Finally, the fourth cause is low crime. Cubans can rob a tourist, but they will not climb into the house. Large crimes are rarely committed on the island and are discussed for a long time after what happened. Local residents "programmed", that, if something and it is possible to steal, you will still find and punish you.

Why windows of Cuban houses without glasses

Nevertheless, the lattice on many windows stand. First, it has developed historically, as Cuba has often been subjected to pirates. Secondly, through the rod, the air freely circulates and saves local residents from the heat.

True, there are things from which neither shutters nor blindness, no lattice defend. But Cubans apparently accustomed. No wonder Cuba call the country of letters from: the sun, salsa, cigars, happiness ..

Edward Golashevas: Winter there is cold! At night 10-11 degrees of heat. Without windows and heating! Cold dog. I forgot about rains?

Dmitriy: Noise from the street in such houses penetrates freely. The Cubans themselves are not a quiet people, so in the first nights spent on the island, it is extremely preventing.

Elena Shipilova: I lived in Cuba for more than a year, too, without glasses, there were wooden blinds on opening windows. It does not strain at all, because they lived on the shore and the day was always breeze, not hot.

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