Why we didn’t like Las Vegas or Fremont Street Tale and Strepe Part 2

One of the days spent in Las Vegas, we were dedicated to the walking strip, more precisely, it was the afternoon and a long evening.

Strip – This is part of the Las Vegas Loss Boulevard a few kilometers long, along which the most famous, popular, chic, huge complexes of casino hotels are scattered. Many of them are almost a city in miniature, combining shopping centers, hotels, entertainment centers, zoos, galleries and, of course, casino with numerous game halls. Each such complex – A peculiar masterpiece, weathered in a certain topic. There are mini-Paris, and mini-New York, and a real castle, and Caesar Palace, but about everything in order. Let’s see what is more interesting for us along the strip, as it looks like Night Las Vegas, sparkling with lights and what sights he is rich.

Attractions attractions

Yes, yes, this is why Las Vegas hotels – This is the sights, for more especially and watching nothing. Everything that is beautiful and interesting on the stripe is located on the territory of some hotel and is part of it. Further read the explanatory signatures under the photo.

Such is the only small part of the giant hotels located on Strepe. All of them seem to be about eighty. Some more, some less, are more expensive, others are cheaper. As already wrote in the article about housing in Vegas, despite all the external luxury, prices in many hotels are quite sane, and sometimes surprisingly low, because their main goal – lure tourists, and then breed money in casino, clubs, bars, restaurants. Some hotels even offer free accommodation for children and care for them, though, do not know what parents will throw their own child to go to delay money in a casino or having fun in the Club?

Curious characters

I looked at hotels, now let’s see who you can meet. Believe funny characters more than enough.

In addition to these feathers, Marilyn Monroe walks through the streets (and maybe not alone), Michael Jackson is dancing on the sidewalk, girls in the suits of A la Cabaret and many others «star».


Of course, it is impossible to talk about the strip and not to mention the casino, because this is the business card of all Las Vegas. Their darkness here and none does not stand idle. Look for all the details here. I will only say that even we, never in the eyes did not see any casino, nor slot machines, managed to win. Jack-sweat did not break, but for a couple of hamburgers))

Cafes, bars, restaurants

Love comes and leaves, but I always want to eat, including in Las Vegas)) that is why all sorts of cafes and restaurants here are hundreds, and maybe thousands, because it is necessary to somehow feed the whole multi-million crowd of visitors. And drink!

All the establishments are beautiful, all sparkle and fucked by lights!

Shopping centers

For lovers of purchases on Strepe, too, there are quite a few interesting things, including shopping complexes, showrooms, thematic shops and other joys. If you are ready to spend money, the strip will seem to be a strip))

For example, in Forum-Shops, you can go to the museum to admire the internal decoration.

Sign «Welcome to Las Vegas» (Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign)

One of the most popular attractions – Vegas Sign. Tourists love to be photographed on his background. It is located on the southern tip of the strip, but we didn’t know about it)) Therefore, they found another sign near the Howard Johnson Hotel, in which you stayed.

Las Vegas lights

Well, finally, some more lights of Vegas. As you understand, Night Las Vegas – It is some solid light bulbs that glitter flashes, flicker, fascinate and even a little hypnotize.

You knew that I was officially strip – This is no longer Las Vegas? It is located in the suburbs Paradise and Winchester.

What to say? Read you about frummont and strip. It sounds not bad truth? Looks like photos too. But we did not like. Already foresee how many will start throwing slippers, but I will explain the reason for this dislike. We are to blame. Las Vegas – This is a city that loves money, we didn’t have free funds in this visit, which we would easily spend on casino, concerts, shows, shopping, cool restaurants and so on, that is why we were boring. How else? Everything is natural. Plus, we literally felt that there is no soul in the city, he seemed completely insensitive and cold. Perhaps this is capable of riding a cup-other «Margarita» ))

As you can see, Vegas – not the city where you have to walk through the streets, it should be studied from the inside.

Enjoy your walks on Las Vegas. Dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Technical Information on Las Vegas

Distances from Las Vegas

    – 400 miles / 642 km (8 hours) – from June to October, in winter some roads can be blocked, so you have to go around. – 127 miles / 203 km (2 hours 15 minutes), there are other options – 310 miles / 496 km (5.5 hours) – 273 miles / 436 km (4 hours) – 277 miles / 444 km (4 hours 15 minutes) – 53 miles / 84 km (1 hour)

    Why we didn't like Las Vegas or Fremont Street Tale and Strepe Part 2
  • Dam Guser – 34 miles / 54 km (40 minutes)

How to move on Vegas

There are several ways to move around the city. In my opinion, they are all comfortable enough, so what to choose – Decide by yourself.


In the city (more precisely on its tourist part), two buses ply:

  • Strip & Downtown Express


  • 2 hour ticket – 6 dollars
  • Pass for 24 hours – 8 dollars
  • Pass for three days – 20 dollars

Official site: http: // www.RTCSNV.Com. You can get acquainted with the routes and schedule of these buses here. How to reach the airport bus here (Cost – 2 dollars one way).

Monorail road

SAHARA AVE runs to MGM Grand with seven stops. All details can be found on the official website.

Train Rounding Scheme:


Everything is clear here, there is nothing to explain. Taxi drivers accept cash and bank cards.


You can also move on a rented machine. You can rent a car at a good price on the site priceline. If you do not like the proposed options, try searching here. You can park in the parking lot of any hotel-casino.

Housing in Las Vegas

Details about various accommodation options in Las Vegas (hotels, rooms and houses from Airbnb and DR.) I wrote in a separate article. There you will find information on how to look for cheap hotels and why book accommodation at Airbnb.

Why we didn't like Las Vegas or Fremont Street Tale and Strepe Part 2

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