Why visit Alanya, Turkey

Alanya’s huge resort is located on the south side of Turkey, which is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Coastal resort town of Conakla is just 15 km from the city. Warm sea, Cleopatra Beach, Well-preserved Castle, Luxury hotels and entertainment All day are guaranteed by perfect vacation in Alanya.

Hotels offer several categories of accommodation. From 3 * city guests to elite complexes. Here everything is inclusive of granted. For those who prefer rest with half board, there are restaurants and shops, which in Alania countless. You can practice your art of bargaining in the kiosks and the market. Services in the resort are complemented by banks, ATMs, pharmacies or post offices. Boulevard Atatürk Polon Restaurants, Cafes and Shops. Its edge is decorated with a long palm alley.


International cuisine is represented by fast food kiosks that we know from the Czech Republic. The PRIMA Bar Restaurant combines Mediterranean and Italian and Turkish cuisine. V Vintage Brasserie Bar & WINEHOUSE Serve refined drinks and food. Those who love to dance will prefer Green Heaven Restaurant Dance & Bar. Here is a wide range of drinks and dishes, and there is also a chic dance floor, which will enjoy the rest until late at night.

Throughout the day, entertainment for families and friends will provide local water park and fair. History lovers worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, which is located near the main street. Fabulous resort from Alanya you can enjoy thanks to great weather in Turkey from spring to late autumn.

What to visit nearby

Alanya &# 8211; Centre

The whole city and its surroundings deserve special attention. Medieval castle &# 8211; Explicit attraction of the entire resort. This fact is confirmed by the fact that in the fortress there are more than 150 castle towers. Red Tower, also known as Kizil Kule, is another majestic landmark of this area. In the tower there is a museum of ethnography. The most interesting thing is that from the gallery you can see the resort of Alanya on the palm.

Another museum &# 8211; House Ataturk. The villa contains objects from the founder of Turkey, as well as demonstrations of traditional Turkish life. Damlasus caves attract visitors to the amazing stalactite decor.

Surroundings of Alanya

Outside the city they invite to visit wonderful Medieval taverns lined up in the 13th century. Families with children are often visited by a popular dolphinarium (approximately 17 km from the resort). In the surrounding area you will find entertainment such as a descent on the river or ride to the mountains. The cable car offers a beautiful view of all the place.

Manavgat and green canyon

In the mountains above the Manavgat (approximately 4 km from Side) is reservoir known as green canyon. The color of water simply captures the spirit. From the mountains of the river flows through the valley, through the resort of Manavgat to the sea. We definitely recommend organizing a cruise trip, during which you can swim and do water sports.

Side &# 8211; This is a unique city in which the ancient monuments are skillfully combined, modern species and beautiful beaches. It would be great Visit the local amphitheater or ruins of ancient temples. If you have time to get acquainted with Side, be sure to visit the local beaches of dark golden sand.

Why visit Alanya, Turkey


Traditional journey &# 8211; this is a trip to the "eighth miracle of the world", as sometimes calling this gemstone. Cascading under the limestone ponds almost everyone knows the photos of Turkey. This world is already decorated for more than 15,000 years. Although the journey in Pamukkale is longer (about 370 km), it is necessary to pass.


A trip to Cappadocya takes a lot of time, but definitely pays off. In a huge area (up to several hundred square kilometers) you can see Housing and Christian churches carved in the rocks. These breeds were formed about 30 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity. The most famous of these areas is the city of Zelwin, who can boast the highest concentration of these buildings. During the air balloon, a beautiful view of the entire valley opens.


Alanya suggests Very long coastline, which is divided by a rock, on top of which is a medieval castle. There are east Beach Keykubad, which is often called just Alanya. West, one of the most famous beaches, to Cleopatra Beach up to 3 km long. It is named after the famous Egyptian ruler, who received the whole area as a wedding gift from Mark Antonio.

It was a great gift. The beach is covered with small golden sand. The sea of ​​almost all shades of blue is suitable for children, but lovers of water sports will also like it to do. On the beach you will find many chairs and umbrellas, as well as many aquatic entertainment centers.

Why visit Alanya, Turkey

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