Why Victory Locches Family Couples

In early July, there was another precedent with «Debichem» aboard. The word is taken in quotes, as many do not agree with such terminology when it comes to a couple with a child who just wants to fly together.

Recall, the essence of the problem was reduced only to an unpaid, very small amount, for the right to choose a place in the plane. Family couple who violated the ban and refused to fulfill the crew requirements (at the same time there were enough free places in the plane) removed from the flight and transferred police. They were administered an administrative offense as aircraft and amounted to.

This case caused a serious public resonance and in social networks and federal media.

Many have the first desire – accuse the crew in heartlessness, because the child is only three months old, and in flight it is necessary to constantly look after, and there were free spaces. An alternative opinion states that the family cannot be called 100% innovative, as you will pay 149 rubles for choosing a place they refused consciously.

In the case of automatic selection of places, family members may indeed be at different parts of the aircraft, even if the purchase of tickets is carried out immediately, and not one. That «behavior» electronic robot «Victory» Many explain the deliberately asked algorithm to make the passengers to pay extra. Representatives of the Loadoster, in turn, explain this exclusively by a technically moment, in which the salon is extremely desirable to observe the uniformity of the seating of passengers for their own security.

It is also impossible to forget that on the airline’s website when buying several tickets together, customers are reported that they are most likely to fly separately. The message is highlighted at one of the stages of the order design and not notice it is impossible.

On the other hand, a number of surveys conducted among the participants of the tourism industry shows that almost all of them claim one – The importance of observance of places according to the purchased tickets is important when taken over and landing. In the flight, passengers can sit anywhere, and it does not affect technical points.

And, again, representatives of the airline claim that the passenger has changed the place after the cabin, at the moment when it was prohibited by all possible rules, with a luminous prohibiting scoreboard with the inscription «Fox straps».

Officially, our Looker is firmly on his. Press secretary Elena Selivanov in one of the interviews to journalists stated that the incident with a married couple would not affect the model of the company’s work. She also added an explanation of the business model of the work of low-cost airlines, thereby responding to the question of many who claimed that a couple of robot seeds intentionally. According to Selivanova, the income of the loouser is based on additional services that are offered by passengers, and from which those in the right refuse. In this case, if tickets were bought «For yourself and baby» The system would necessarily gave them tickets nearby. If a family of three people with one child gather in the flight, then this rule does not concern this rule – explains the press secretary «Victory».

Elena Selivanova also told that when buying tickets on the site, the automatic seating warning is displayed repeatedly, and it is proposed to choose the place for the additional charge. This service, according to the press secretary, use about a third of passengers.

It is still necessary to remember that the described story is not unique, and the practice of deliberately eliminating passengers has not been adopted always. According to Travel.RU intentional seating is practiced by a lourogenant since last year’s November. Then the publication reported on the outrage of the elderly couple, which followed St. Petersburg from Yekaterinburg. The elderly, the automatic system was seeded in different ends of the cabin, and when registering at Koltsovo Airport, employees could not help them, referring to the official ban «Victory» renovate.

Many confirm that if when buying tickets on the site does not pay extra for choosing a place, then the probability that the robot will put the fellow travelers together, almost zero.

Travel.RU argues that earlier the company’s policy was not as tough, and the seating of flight attendants were tested only immediately before the take-off, and then only one of them was making sure that someone did not take one of «Dear» free seats. Everything has changed from March of the month, and now flight attendants, according to the instructions, do not allow passengers to transplane the salon at all. This requirement of the airline places on route receipts and additionally announces speakerphone already in the cabin.

However, polls of permanent passengers «Victory» It is suggested that the rules thus tightened, but still we are a recommendatory character, and if you politely ask the flight attendant to take another free space, no one will object to.

Why Victory Locches Family Couples

Against the backdrop of all this, it becomes interesting, and how things are in such restrictions and compliance with foreign leukelors?

There is exactly the same situation, and sometimes even «More interesting», After all, the business model is the same. For example, Wizz Air causes customers on their own home to print the boarding pass, otherwise the registration will have to pay extra 15 euros. The choice of place in the cabin is another 31 euros, but they can be paid directly in the cabin.

Irish Ryanair very painfully perceives baggage. For each extra kilogram you have to pay extra 20 euros.

AIRBALTIC is the same attitude to hand-made. They have a translate and at all costs 40-60 euros.

Tariffs at the same time in different louxers have a very different composition. So, Wizz Air has a normal tariff, where only manual sting is allowed, and there is Plus, where you can use the priority when landing, choose a free place and get baggage registration. A similar way went and our «Victory», Entering separate business tariffs with a permitted transmission of 10 kg in the luggage compartment, manual loop and free selection of space in the cabin.

Summarizing, cost to remind potential passengers «Victory», that this company – While the only Looiceter in Russia, and to fulfill the conditions you need to be prepared. Do not try to deceive someone, or save where your savings – This is a direct selection «blood» at LouroSter.

What to position «Victory», The company is firmly intended to stand to the end and introduce surcharge for anything. So, from June 12, shopping sales from Duty Free has risen in price from 700 to 2 thousand. rubles. Maybe there will be less «Deboshirov»?

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