Why truffles are looking for pigs?

€ 2000 For 1 kg of mushrooms – it is so much to pay fans of white truffle for the opportunity to pamper their taste receptors. Black truffle is cheaper – from € 700 per 1 kg. The price affects the size, weight, season (white collected from October to December, and black – from November to March), yield of the year. Asks why?

First, the truffle is incredibly exquisied: notes of walnut are mixed with a gentle fungal taste. Secondly, it is very difficult to find.

Most often, the truffles are located 20 cm under the ground (although they can grow both under foliage and at a depth of 1-2 m). Therefore, specially trained animals help them help: pigs and dogs. As well as … Mushki-Ships. They lay eggs near the truffle growing places, since their larvae feed on this mushroom. The swarm of flies over some particular place in the Dubov Forest almost certainly says that the truffle grows somewhere nearby.

On the pork hunt behind the truffle, it is customary to use females. All because the smell of these mushrooms is very similar to Pheromones, emitted by the males. To accompany on the search, females are selected at four months old and feed the delicacy. This allows them to remember the smell as best. The smell of pigs is the strongest receptor, so they can teach the mushroom even at the depths of the meter. The problem is to move the animal in time. And then there will be nothing to collect the owner.

Why truffles are looking for pigs

Dogs train easier. It is believed that the best breed for finding truffles is Lagotto-Romagozolo, since she has an unusually sensitive smell. Pig can smoke the smell at a depth, but quickly tired with long transitions. The dog copes better. Moreover, if the mushroom is not very deep, can teach it even from afar.

But say that truffles are looking for only dogs or pigs, incorrectly. For digging these mushrooms often caress bears. That’s just the use of clubs will not succeed, because with them about the production section you will not agree!

It remains to add that now truffles are mainly growing artificially. White Production Leader is Piedmont, Italy, and Black – France. Do the cultivation of these mushrooms is not so simple. Truffle symbilations are oak, ram, beech and some other perennial trees whose cultivation requires large territories and takes a lot of time.

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