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Often, novice travelers cannot choose the place where to go. There is at least two reasons for this: it is difficult to determine which budget needs to relax. Well, the second, more popular problem – tourists are not very knowledgeable about the benefits that the country can offer them.

By name it is clear that I will talk about Montenegro. This is a small, but very picturesque and rich in historical sights Country, which is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is washed by the Adriatic Sea.

About her natural heritage heard worldwide. There was never heavy production in the state, therefore, forests and reserves were preserved in pristine.

The country is precisely suitable for novice tourists, because this is the European state. Here is a good service, local residents understand our language and are always ready to answer any questions. Montenegrins are very sociable and kind, so you can not be afraid to approach them to consult.

One of the advantages of Montenegro is that tourists do not need a visa. If you are here less than 30 days, everything you need is a passport.

In Montenegro, you can go on the aircraft, flights from all countries of the world. You can try to find **************, although in the summer season it is hard to do. The most favorable sentences in spring, winter and autumn. But this does not mean that it is worth going only in the summer, the main advantage of the country is its nature, which is especially beautiful in the offseason.

Before the trip to Montenegro, I paid attention only to the architecture and culture of the state. I drove into this country to stroll along the old streets of the Kotor and Bar, however, the mountain arrays covered with dense forests were so impressed me that I didn’t even look so much to study the ancient city buildings, how much to go between settlements and enjoy large-scale mountain landscapes.

If you still arrive in Montenegro, I advise you to visit the following natural attractions:

Park Lovchen. This is a reserve that is on the intersection of two climatic zones (continental and Mediterranean), so there are very diverse animal and natural world: about 200 bird species live in the park. And on the top of the Mountain of the same name is the mausoleum of the former ruler of Montenegro Peter II. To get to the burial site, you will have to climb 461 steps. Nearby there is an observation deck with a view of the entire reserve.

Durmitor National Park. A huge forest array in the mountains must impress you. On the territory of the reserve there are approximately 20 pure lakes and 1500 species of plants. And the entrance to the park is located a business card of the DurMutor – Black Lake. The reservoir has a depth of 49 meters, and the emerald water is so clean that the bottom is viewed by 10 meters. Most tourists who visit the reserve take pictures of a black lake, walking a couple of hours through the forest, and go home. I advise you to come here for a whole day, because in the park there are many other interesting places. I advise you to visit the upper point of the DurMutor, on the top of the bobotova Cook, the height of which is 2522 meters.
Also, the Park includes the canyon of the Tara River, which is the deepest in Europe (1300 meters) and the second largest in the world, inferior to the Grand Canyon in the United States (1857 meters).

Skadar Lake. This is the largest reservoir in Montenegro and on the Balkan Peninsula. In blue water, there are about 50 species of fish, and on the nearby territories the same number of birds. Fishing is allowed here, so you can rent a boat and spinning to spend time with interest on the lake.

Perhaps the feeling was created that Montenegro is a country that can only boast of its nature, but it is not. There are many architectural monuments here that transfer their ******** I personally advise you to visit the bar . Here you can see many Catholic churches and other interesting buildings.

Why travelers are better to start with Montenegro Budva, Montenegro Blogs and travel notes

It is worth visiting the Palace of Nicola, which was built at the end of the XIX century. Now, in its place, a local history museum opened, where for 2 euros, you can see archaeological excavations, household items and folk costumes of the ancient Montenegrins. Near the palace there is a botanical garden, where rare species of plants are cultured.

However, the most interesting awaits you in the old bar. This is a settlement, which is located a few kilometers from the modern part of the city. His main attraction is the aqueduct – a water supply system that has ceased to function as a result of a large-scale earthquake. The aqueduched is a narrow three-kilometer bridge passing through the whole city. Also in the old bar there is a citadel, which used to be used for the defense of the settlement. Only ruins remained from the old fortress, however, you can watch beautiful landscapes.

Montenegro go buses, trains and train, but on public transport you can not get to anywhere in the country. Sometimes the bus on the bus takes two times more time than similar on the car. In Montenegro worth renting a car. There are international companies in the market, and local. Second services are more profitable. I turned to Sitngo, because they handed over Audi A4 at a very pleasant tariff: Rent cost 50 euros per day. If you compare local sitngo and international Europcar, in the first case the rental will be cheaper more than twice. And Sitngo provides free supplements such as a child seat, the ability to have a second driver, a GPS navigator and a meeting at the airport with a sign.

You can not worry about driving license, because, in order to control the car in Montenegro, international driver’s license is needed – conventional.

Traveling on a personal vehicle, you are free to choose where and when to go. You can search for online routes in Montenegro to make an ideal program. Moreover, the car is more profitable to take a car than riding public transport. For example, a bus tour will cost, approximately 100 euros on three, when rental of powerful and comfortable Audi A4 will cost 50 euros per day.

Montenegro is suitable for inexperienced tourists, because in order to get here you do not need to make out some additional documents. In the country, many speak English, so there will be no problems with communication. In order to relax here, you do not need to have huge budgets, here even at the height of the season are approximately the same prices as in Russia or Ukraine.

Traveling over Montenegro, you will experience a wide variety of emotions. After all, it is a picturesque nature: mountains, thick forests, clean lakes, and at the same time it is a huge cultural reservoir: the ancient fortresses, monasteries dated X-XII centuries and the palaces of old rulers. The country will leave a good impression of itself from a novice traveler.

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