Why travel us better?

People often ask me: &# 171; how travels influenced you? That they changed in your life?&# 187;.

When I just started traveling around the world &# 8212; In 2010., In his 20 years I was a closed, self-confident teenager who wanted to take everything from the world.

I am with a colleague while working in the Casino in the USA (2010)

Now I have become much wiser, consciously, cheerful, going to his unique way.

Of course, you can tell you that travel is not necessary to become wiser. I will agree!

But travel is the most proven way to know the vital wisdom and approach happiness.

Travels is a very eventful life and it is such a rhythm of life helps to become a wise person, teaches not to score on feelings, open.

What kind of person help us become traveling?

More social

When I first went on an independent trip to the USA under the program Work&Travel I was 20 years old.

I did not have work in the USA, and with me only $ 200 for the first month of life . Of which, half I gave for a new iPod Touch of the 3rd generation to access the Internet and convenient with parents and friends.

I did not have booked housing for the first nights in New York and I had no idea about how it was done.

Thanks to its great interest in finding travelers, inexpensive housing for the first time, I met an airplane with one guy who were waiting for friends in a removable spacious apartment. I was sheltered in it for only $ 10 per night.

I have gained new friends in this apartment, with some of which to this day I have a connection.

I do Selfie with a new acquaintance (comic enthusiasts) in New York

After a couple of weeks, I decided on a permanent place to work and life &# 8212; South USA, NEW JERSEY.

Again, showing sociability through social. Networks with classmates. I was met, settled on her first nights for free, fed and helped find cheap accommodation for regular.

On my example you can see how the traveler does not have the choice &# 8212; need to go into communication.

Since then, I am pleased to start talking with unfamiliar people when it is necessary, I want and treat people around with warmth, as it would be related to familiar.

English practitioners

In travels, we learn not only to speak with unfamiliar people, but the conversation itself becomes more pure (competent), interesting.

For example, having received a dozen answers to questions: &# 171; What is your name? Where are you from? How your trip?&# 187;, further we want to ask interesting questions &# 8212; those that create more depth in conversation and tell us more about a person.


I traveled and saw the most different world:

  • Raised on foot to Elbrus;
  • Diving to sunken ships;
  • Walked one on the night of New York;
  • Turned over in the open sea without people around with kayak;
  • Fallen with a motobica at speeds, knee-racing asphalt to the blood;
  • Cared for friends in traveling friends;
  • Dressing on the wound strangers.

I am among the uninhabited islands in Thailand

As possible after such adventures remain unsure?

After each independent travel, you will feel more and more confident.


After you pass through a certain experience: detainees, misunderstandings with visas, poisoning, as a consequence of poor street food, water, late, their various omissions.

Thanks to this experience, you will learn how to adapt your plans for changing situations.

You are no longer upset and not angry, you just know exactly what actions will help solve your question and will move on.

Having tried differently

Traveling around the world, you like you turn on the button &# 171; why not?&# 187;, you are more often saying &# 171; yes!&# 187; new, become more fearless than usual.

I am with friends in Cambodia. Brought children to school rice bag

With one’s own opinion

When traveling in different countries, you begin to realize that the rules dictated by society in each country are different:

  • In Vietnam, people eat dogs, drink alcohol with snakes inside;
  • Why travel us better
  • In France, Delicates is considered a dove;
  • In some tribes of South America, there are still cannibalism;
  • In Indonesia, a man usually prepares a meal and removes in the house;
  • In China, a chakli is taken away, and otherwise the owners can find their food not tasty.

Everywhere in the world their strange orders, stereotypes and laws, as well as in Russia.

You notice that the rules installed in sociums are not clear by whom, in many respects contradict your human, the god conceived nature.

And then different opinions, stereotypes for their own lives cease to have any influence.

I’m on the beach of Sellong Belanak on about. Lombok (Indonesia)

You start to produce your own attitude to everything, based on your feeling, experience and knowledge that received from books and which you can check.


Your life is not boring, it is lively, filled with a variety of emotions, passions, countries, people, tastes. You are good not only in your hometown or apartment.

Your life no longer depends on anyone. You are free, your whole world is like a palm. You can be where you want. Awareness of this &# 8212; He strongly adds happiness.


All these stressful, severe travel situations? They made us more calm, accepting and relaxed.

I’m in Universal Park in Singapore

Why? Because everything in life goes exactly how it should be and if you are unable to change something, it remains only to take it as it is and not worry.

Worried &# 8212; it is harmful.

In the journey, you learn to extract lessons from everything that happens to you.


If you do not spend time at the resort all the time as a seal, and travel to the maximum in new cities for you, then you will learn a lot about our world.

You will learn a lot about life on the planet: about people, history and culture, animal, underwater and vegetable worlds, and maybe it is possible to discover new knowledge about which many people did not even guess that it was like that.

In short, you will have a better idea of ​​how the world works and how people live in it.

This is what you will not give books, you can get it only from life experience.

Less material

In the journey, you will learn how few things you really need.

You will understand that all this is shit that they sell in the shopping center quite useless and adds only a little comfort.

I am on O.Samui (Thailand)


Travel just teaches you how to be happy. Teaches to be closer to nature, accordingly spend more time in &# 171; here and now&# 187;.

In the journey you get great pleasure, inspiration, joy and delight from the beauty of places, from the beautifulness of this world.

How can you not rejoice in life after all this? It lasts for a long time in your own inner glow that people around will necessarily notice.

Travel makes people better.

When you learn more about the world and people in it, step over the usual borders, and try something new, you become more open, interesting, amazing individual.

I am on Lombok Island (Indonesia)

You can start planning your adventure right now &# 8212; Whether a long trip or just short, weekly vacation on the Black Sea.

I am sure that every journey is a useful experience.

Or you can buzz at home and listen to speech from the funny person in our time &# 8212; from Jim Kerry, inspired by his wise thoughts about life.

Why travel us better

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