Why tourist fined?

Ignorance of laws does not exempt from responsibility. Sometimes to meet with the police another country, it is enough to feed the birds on the square, take a shower after 23:00 or kiss on the beach. "My Planet" will tell about the most unexpected and unusual fines, for which you can run in different countries of the world.

Against chewing

In Singapore, the city of fines – you can’t chew a chewing gum, especially – to spit it on asphalt. For the importation, use, purchase or sale of chewing boots, you can get a penalty – 500 Singapore dollars. The same thing is to eat in the subway and go to the street on the red light. The ban on the chewing is valid since 1992: so the authorities are struggling with the problem of pollution of streets, benches, elevators and asphalt.

Against chocolate eggs

In the US, the Kinder surprises are universally prohibited in the US: they cannot be bought and cannot be brought to the country, otherwise you are threatened with a fine of $ 300, and parents can even deprive parental rights. According to the sentences of legislators, extraneous non-food items cannot be in food products, and small parts inside a chocolate egg are dangerous for a child. American border guards are withdrawn smuggling eggs and fined tourists.

Against kisses

In Vienna, from autumn 2013, it is forbidden to kiss in the subway. Behind the kisses, as well as eating any smell of the dog and listening to music without headphones in the subway will have to pay € 50. In the plans of the city’s authorities – to introduce a ban on kisses in all types of public transport.

By the way, it is forbidden not only in the Austrian capital, but also in almost all Muslim and Islamic countries, including Malaysia, India and Arab Emirates. In Indonesia, perhaps you are waiting for the highest payback: the kiss in a public place will cost 300 million rupees or in extreme cases will lead to ten years in prison. The ban on kisses operates in the country of Romance of France and even in the Crimea, in the city park Simferopol (fine 600 hryvnia).

Found Morale

The tourist relaxed on vacation in a number of countries may be fined for a naked torso, too frank swimsuit, nudism, and even more so for sex on the beach. There are countries where almost everything is prohibited by resting. For example, in the Arab Emirates, girls can not be worn outdoor swimsuits, men – tight swimming pools and divert with local women, you can not photograph them without consent, you can not break public order, obscenely dress, drink, swear and even play the ball where families rest. Women can not appear in the city with naked bodies. Sex on the beach threatens serious consequences: the trial, fine, conclusion and deportation. Especially strict punishments for same-sex and extramarital couples. In the midst of the season in the UAE, special raids are held when tourists are massively fined.

Beach sex is punishable by a fine and even imprisonment in many countries around the world, including popular Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Italy and Spain.

Against silence

In the evening, tourists are accustomed to having fun and have fun, but not everywhere it is legally. In a number of countries, you may be fined for loud singing, the game on musical instruments and even for watching the TV with a loud sound in the evening. So, in Turkmenistan it is impossible to noise from 23:00 to 7:00, a fine – from five to ten minimum wages. In Germany, sobral silence must be standing from 22:00 to 6:00: even an attempt to take a shower can be supplied by the police caused by neighbors. The penalty is sometimes € 10,000. In Mauritius, even during the daytime it is forbidden to blow up pyrotechnic in settlements and near the roads without permission to police – the violators are a fine of up to 3,000 rupees and arrest for up to ten days.

Rules of import

Why tourist fined

In each state its customs rules. Some of them may seem absurd, but they still have to observe. For example, in Nigeria it is impossible to bring gashed and mineral water, as well as beer and toothpaste. Australia is forbidden to import dairy products, foods with eggs, meat and meat products, seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, soil and sand, biomaterials and raw fish – if something from this list is in your suitcase, follows the penalty in 250-1800 Australian dollars, trial with the appointment of a fine of up to 66,000 Australian dollars or prison sentence to ten years. Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia warns of strict Chilean laws: "… even forgotten in the hand-made apple from a routing set, offered to you on the plane, will be the subject of proceedings and the reason for the subsequent fine.".

Decoration of flag and money

If the king is depicted on money, it means that they need to be treated especially carefully. In Thailand, it is forbidden to step on money, mive, tear and spoil bills, protected by any image of the royal family – even in newspapers and magazines. Money storage in the back pocket can be interpreted as an insult to the monarch.

It is necessary to handle carefully with any national symbolism, including flags. Even the shooting in the style of nude with the flag in the embracure can be regarded as defilement: for a similar photo session in Mexico was fined the singer Paulina Rubio by 52,600 pesos (more than 137,000 rubles.) In Italy for abuse of the flag threatens fine from € 1000 to € 5000.

It is impossible to feed the animals

Even for such innocent entertainment, like feeding animals, in some countries will have to pay money. In particular, in Tanzania it is impossible to feed any animals in national parks. In Bangkok, it is forbidden to treat elephants – according to the authorities, tourists spoil the digestion by animals, giving them bananas and sugar cane, besides hungry giants can become dangerous, demanding even more delicacies. The penalty was introduced in 2010 and was $ 310 for a tourist and the same plus six months of prison for a trainer. Nevertheless, elephant drivers are often offered to visit illegal feeding for money. In Egypt after cases of attacks, a shark on tourists introduced a full ban on fish feeding in the sea and fishing. The violation will be followed by a fine of $ 15 per person and $ 15,000 – 50,000 from a hotel or a water center that made such a dangerous behavior of the tourist.

In Venice, Florence, Geneva, Paris, London, Helsinki and a number of other cities, it is forbidden to feed pigeons on central squares, as they spoil and pack historical buildings and monuments. In Venice, where more than 100,000 pigeons, cleaning monuments and their cosmetic repairs cost each taxpayer of € 275 per year. Caught with seeds tourist will have to give from € 50 to € 600.

In many seaside cities, it is forbidden to feed the chaps due to the huge growth of their population. A carefree tourist who does not know this law will pay in the Belgian city of Ostend from € 250, in British Suffolk – about € 3,000, and in the German resort Varnenende – € 5000.

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