Why tomato juice in the plane Order more often?

The taste that we feel when we eat is actually a symbiosis of taste and smell, and they change at height. On average, the sensitivity of taste receptors is dulled by 30%. Particularly reduced perception of saline and sweet. And there is a scientific explanation.

In an airplane, in addition to the pressure, another factor affects the change in taste sensations – sound

Since behind the aircraft, the atmospheric pressure drops, and inside it is supported by a special air conditioning system, then the safe and usual pressure is reconstructed. But air conditioning air is cut, which affects the mucous membranes of the nasopharmaceutical, causing an unpleasant feeling, rubbed, inflammation – as during a cold. Therefore, the smell suffers. It is possible to help him, artificially moisturizing the nasopherler sprays and drinking liquid.

Great content in tomato juice of food fibers, vitamins, minerals and organic acids contributes to quenching thirst and hunger. Therefore, if not to abuse the addition of salt, with thirst for tomato juice copes perfectly. Its saturation of dry substances and the volume fraction of the pulp allows you to get enough. But the sweeter than the drink, the less likely that you will go.

Why tomato juice in the plane Order more often

In 2008, Lufthansa found that her passengers drink 1.7 million liters of tomato juice per year, and ordered a scientific study on this topic. Scientists of the German Institute of Construction Physics named after Fraunhofer recreated flight conditions in the plane and found out that, in addition to pressure, another factor affects the change in taste sensations – sound. At a high level of noise, the sense of minds increase – the so-called fifth taste, glutamic acid taste, the balance of sweet and salty. Tomato juice just belongs to the products with taste of minds.

So in the plane really often drink tomato juice, including those who do not use it on earth. And in May 2018, on Twitter, American United Airlines even appeared posts of passengers, dissatisfied with the fact that the airline removed the tomato juice from the menu. Indignation was so great that the drink was decided to return.

Why tomato juice in the plane Order more often

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