Why thorwing unwanted fruit ripens?

Those who have a cottage, probably more than once have to shoot green tomatoes with beds so that they do not spoil from raw or cold weather. And they were repeated already in the room – and sometimes even faster than those remained on the beds.

This was facilitated by ethylene – gas, under the action of which ripening. It is able to allocate and absorb all fruits, vegetables. And since it is produced by the fruit itself, it is absolutely not necessary to hang on the branch. But it is desirable that the ripening process starts still on the garden. Too green and hard fruits, most likely, will not be able to ripen. There are also products that are in principle no renewable at home. These are tangerines, pineapples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, blackberry, cherry, eggplants, cucumbers, pepper.

If you need to make the fruits at home, bring them away, remove them in a dark place. There should not be very humid and hot: the optimal temperature is + 20-22 ° C.

IMPORTANT: Fruits, vegetables are isolated (and absorbed) Miscellaneous amount of ethylene. Some, for example bananas or kiwi, can be trimming literally in a few hours, because very susceptible to ethylene, and some, such as lemon, will need more time.

Why thorwing unwanted fruit ripens

At the same time, the correct neighborhood is important. So, a lot of ethylene isolated apples – that is why they are always stored separately. And if, for example, put apples and banana in one package, the latter will stand in the watch. Knowing it, you can adjust the ripening process. That is, to speed up the process, you can put apples next to the unblend fruits. Also can help a closed paper bag. In it, the fruits are ripening faster from their own ethylene, which accumulates in a closed space. The main thing is not to use polyethylene packages, since moisture is formed in them, contributing to rapid rotting.

If you do not want to speed up the ripening, keep different vegetables and fruits separately.

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