Why there is no paradise on earth?.

Hearing the name of this country – Croatia, the our begins to sit. I know that this is part of the former Yugoslavia. I heard that they fought there. Finished Lie? Name to relax? Good. But whether there is no trick? .. Where we are more familiar to wait at today’s opportunities, say, in Cyprus, that the Crimea has become relative. Fly as much, and guarantees to get an equivalent currency of the Razlabuhu much more. But most recently, some ten-fifteen years ago, the chance to break out to the Adriatic to the Dubrovnik area dropped a little. It was "Oh, lucky! " Those times.

1182 Islands. Is it possible? Venice, Maldives – know. True, there is still Tahiti. There islands, probably more, but the ours have not yet considered them yet. And here, in Croatia, also waterfalls, like on Jamaica, Mountains, as in Australia. Ruins in the style "antique", As in Italy or Greece. Shore ribbon, cut by bays, bays, lagoons, fjords, like. as in Croatia. There is no other place on Earth. And crazy blue water in them warms up almost to boil,

Almost every island is famous for its legend. One of them connects two islands – Locks and Saint Andrew, who is also called the island of the poor girl. Once upon a breakdown to rest a young aristocrat. And fell in love with the girl from the island of St. Andrew, the poor daughter of a local fisherman. She also loved him. Young parents forbade him to see his beloved. But Love Schitra and is inventive, and lovers continued to meet.In the evening, the young man sailed to the sea on the boat, lit a flashlight, and the girl sailed in her boat to the light. The brothers fishermen learned about secret dates. The twelve brothers once sat in the boat, lit the fire and began to sail farther and further into the sea. The girl waiting for meetings with her beloved, followed a distant light, rose a storm. Sister died in the waves, and her brothers. Her body thrown over the Island of St. Andrew, and since then it is also called the island of the poor girl.

Massive fortress walls and mountainous monasteries – another mandatory attribute of the Croatian landscape. The usual combination of antiquity for ancient civilizations and the new is striking the guest from Russia. We have such a rarely where you see, and here these pictures are open from the road, from the ferry, from a boat that flies on the tensioned sheet of the sea. Excitement here – a rarity. It can be seen, and there was one storm in the entire history, in which the poor girl died and her brothers. Therefore, I remember. And water itself, her color is also unique as the air over Italy. The sea here is not just a blue-blue (I can not understand what is reflected in what is reflected: the sky in water or water in the sky), and with an admixture of malachite, with a kind of nape.

Perhaps Israel is another country with which the comparison is suggested. Especially when approaching Dubrovnik. As if compressed in a handstone, a town, acquired by thick fortress walls, and really look like an eternal Jerusalem. With that difference that in Dubrovnik today is much safer. Top-pumped to each other houses in a small space.Narrow cobbled cobbled streets divide them – as if slices are cut by cake. And unexpectedly remove to the sea for almost the Venetian embankment, where tourists crowd and flashes pigeons.

Why there is no paradise on earth.

. For a ridiculous amount in 15 kun you can walk around the entire Dubrovnik on the city wall. On "Orlina" side of coins – nightingales, dolphins, bears, on the other – oil branches, flowers of souls and some plants, the names of which I failed to translate, – the following follows. Gave the coin and went along the wall around the city. On the one hand, the caressing sea, and on the other hand – the backup of the mountain, in which new quarters are born.

Life is leisurely here. Oh, in my opinion, everyone dreams. Early ascent. Cup of coffee and reading newspaper "Free Dalmatia". Scary Popular Shopping Hike. More often – to the market. Less likely to store. After which a thorough breakfast is tea, sandwiches, and even wine or winery-other raki. Work (when only managed? ). At 13 – strictly dinner. Then – rest. Up to 17. Then another workforce. Until 19. I- rid to 23. This is called health!

Never forget: On the way to Barch Island on Sunday, we stayed in the town of Hvar (on the same island of the same name). In the church there was a service. Sang children. And on the central square went cooking: adults endured the tables under the open sky, they arranged bottles of home sweets on them, like kahors and homemade sweets. It turned out, we fell to the holiday of the first communion. When the service is over, the children from the church poured outside, everyone was invited to treat. And us including. I will never forget similar to angels in white dresses of girls, boys in strict black suit, scorching sun and honey taste of that braga. Then children went home – for a solemn lunch. I think they will not forget this holiday.

Why there is no paradise on earth.

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