Why there are no bathrooms in Finnish bathrooms

A typical bathroom in Finland is a concise design, a glass partition separating the shower from the toilet, a hygienic shower, and instead of a bath – sauna. In modern houses bath already rarity. Finns believe that the shower is much more practical, and you can relax in the sauna, which is equipped in the bathroom. And now, with rare exceptions, this is in every apartment. Usually electrical, with a timer, which is very convenient: you can warm up the sauna on the morning or, for example, an hour before coming from work. In old houses there are still wood saunas.

User Kris Chisholm, Quora:

Stand at 6:00, turn on the timer and breakfast until the sauna is warming up. Stay in it for ten minutes. Then leave, relax and go to the second ten minute session. Only after that I take a cold shower that gradually warms. No longer fee with soap or shampoo, because they destroy the whole point of skin cleansing, except in cases where it is really necessary. Read literatureShampoo and soap you do not need! The shower is ideal for getting rid of sweat, dirt and toxins, without a films of soap and fake odors.

User Kari AUTERO, Quora:

I do not remember when the last time I saw a bath. Okay, I remember: I live in the village, and some put on pastures old baths so that they drink cows from them.

People take the shower more often than go to the sauna, simply because the sauna visit takes a lot of time, but it does not always have. But take a showerDo you really do? For us, Finns, bathing means only a sauna.

If there is no sauna in the apartment, it will probably have in the basement, common for all tenants. Then you can get into it according to schedule. Sometimes the schedule hangs directly on the door, and you just need to choose the right time and enter your apartment number to the appropriate graph. Sometimes the house has a website or a chat where the record is recorded. Most often, for the use of a public sauna tenants of each apartment pay a management company about 10 € (900 rubles.) per month, but it happens that you can bathe free.

However, even if the sauna is in the apartment, its finns are not enough. One thing to bathe at home and completely different – together with friends. Therefore, in Finland a lot of urban saunas.

User Evgenia Ivanova, the site is "not sitting":

By the way, here if Finn invites you to the sauna, refuse without a reason very disrespectful. Or if you delay somewhere, you must sit longer at work: "I can’t, today a sauna" – and all! This is considered to be reinforced concrete excavation. I tried – rolling!

Why there are no bathrooms in Finnish bathrooms

They meet at all in unexpected places. So, in 2016, the first sauna in Burger King opened in Helsinki, where you can not only get a company to 15 people, but also to watch TV or play video games. And in the city of Oulu on the Ouluyoki River, there is a swimming sauna.

In the ski resort, Yullas in the west of Lapland’s province there are traditional doubles, and saunas with warm jacuzzi, located in the open sky. But the beloved tourists is SAUNA GONDOLA LIFT. To get into the lift, which drives over the snowy vertices at an altitude of more than 700 m above sea level, is finish. The main thing is to meet in 20 minutes – so much lasts the trip.

As if this is not enough, the sauna was arranged even in one of the cabins of Ferris Wheel in Helsinki. It is called Sky Sauna, and it can accommodate up to five people.

User Ian C, TripAdvisor:

Only in Finland could come up with a sauna in the ferris wheel! I do not know what we enjoyed more: the process of steaming or panorama. Sauna in the sky is something.

Why there are no bathrooms in Finnish bathrooms

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