Why there are no African Americans in Harlem?

I will tell you about the sights of Harlem. You say – Eka Nevidal! What to talk about? What are the interesting things there, except for smoke from sewer hatches, basketball sites, yes graffiti?

To some extent – these are prejudices. Harlem is a very interesting and colorful area, cradle of African American culture. That in New York.

And I could tell something about him. But today we will talk about a very friend of Harlem – Dutch?

And you really did not hear?

By the way, you did not notice such an interesting fact that many geographical names in the USA and Europe are absolutely identical? Who having heard? America in Europe, of course!

After all, the first continent was opened much later, and most of the immigrants arrived from the "Old World".

And to bother on the new land, migrants called new residences with old names.

So in America, there is his Warsaw, his Paris, his London, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Odessa and, of course, Harlem.

Why there are no African Americans in Harlem

The Dutch is called their city Haarlem and externally, this settlement Niskolachenko does not look like the one next door to Manhattan.

This is a typical Netherlands Gorodishko with the charm only inherent in this country: buildings in the Art Nouveau style and gothic turrets, a lot of conceptual museums, a wonderful embankment, bridges and, of course, are mills, many of them still work.

In Kharlem, by the way, there is even his "quarter of the Red Lanterns", simply, he is not so famous.

And also around the city in the most unexpected places you can see interesting street sculptures and installations. But most of them are so frank (oh, this unclear Europe) that I, perhaps, will refrain from their demonstration.

Why there are no African Americans in Harlem

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