Why the Versailles Palace call the fruit of love?

The Versailles Palace call the fruit of love that symbolizes the greatness of the French crown.

Moreover, the name of Louise is completely magical ways made in the history of the architectural ensemble "Versailles".

Here is the story. There was a king of Louis XIII. In 1632, he acquired a bit of land, land, built a hunter’s house, was going to do hunting and here fell in love with Louise de lafayets – one of the Queen’s Freill.
But unfortunately she rejected him than the moral and physical strength of the monarch blew – he was even going to live herd. Walked a century. And again another woman, Louise de Lavalier, in the 18th century conquers the heart of Louis XIV.

The story of a timid, naive and poetic, slightly seaming Freilline, still blocks the hearts of lovers. Passionate love "King-Sun" unexpectedly broke out.
It is this love that the king was advocated for the further improvement of the palace and territory around him. His assistants in this business and The leading architects of the Versailles Palace were Louis Levo and Jules Arduen-Mansar. According to his order, excellent halls and galleries were rebuilt (one of the most famous &# 8212; mirror).

Few people know, but on the lands of the Versailles Palace there is still a small trianon also known as &# 171; Small Versailles Palace&# 187;. Architecture and interior are fully made in the style of the French Baroque.

Below the video about the front halls of the Versailles Palace, his brief history and paintings.

Now these magnificent gardens and enjoy hundreds of thousands of tourists.

Versailles is located in the suburb of Paris and is a mandatory point of excursion for all arriving in France.

Why the Versailles Palace call the fruit of love

Also, the palace and the park are surrendered under the weddings, so in one time there was a big holiday of the famous lead &# 8212; Andrei Malakhov.

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Why the Versailles Palace call the fruit of love

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