Why the Swedes mirrors outside the windows

This is an unofficial version. Indeed, hang on the windows of the curtains in Sweden, as in other Scandinavian countries, not accepted. Poured a cup of coffee, sat down in a chair and look what a neighbor is doing. Than not entertainment? Mirrors are installed under the angle, which allow, without applying to the window, to see everything that happens on both sides of the street.

Swedish, these structures are called Skvallerspegel and are formed from two words: Skvaller ("Gossip") and SPEGEL ("Mirror"). Therefore, they are often called "mirrors for gossip".

It is believed that such structures appeared at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Why – scientists still do not know. But the most believable versions still not about voyeuristic inclinations. Perhaps the Swedes began to install such mirrors to see people who call on the door without coming to her. Convenient, especially when you are on the other end of the house and meet the guest there is no special desire.

Meangrimpa, Reddit:

These mirrors – TV predecessors. Italy has balconies where you can stand and look outside. In Sweden, Norway and T. D. too cold to get out once again. Such mirrors allow residents to look outside of a warm living room. Now that we have a TV, do it is no longer so interesting. But in Sweden, these mirrors are still hanging at home, thereby seeing those who came, not leaving the sofa. These are webcams of their time.

Another version states that the designs began to place on household homes. I wanted thieves to enjoy apples from the nearby garden, and the owner here is like here.

Some suggest that initially street mirrors set elderly and beddowed people. For them, the subject acted by something like communication with the outside world. How else could they find out what happens outside the window?

Finally, the latest version is not related to the possibility of displaying what is happening on the street. According to her, the mirrors allowed to "catch" the sunlight, which sometimes is so lacking in the residents of Scandinavia. By the way, this is one of the reasons why in these countries is not accepted by windows.

Now street mirrors are mainly subject to decor and lost its original value. True, some parents still use them to keep track of children.

Wehave3Bjz, Reddit:

Why the Swedes mirrors outside the windows

This is to watch the baby sleeping in a baby carriage in the yard, because it is so the Swedes put the children to sleep. Just guess. I lived in Sweden and learned to lay a child to sleep on the street. It is a pity that I did not have such a mirror!

From Sweden Mirrors got to Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. There they can still be found, but still less often and, as a rule, in ancient cities.

But in Sweden, unusual designs are installed now.

Gard 67, Instagram:

Now we also have a "mirror for gossip"! Finally, we can monitor what is happening on the street, which, however, is usually empty.

Why the Swedes mirrors outside the windows

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