Why the sunset is red?

According to a long-standing folk, red sunset foreshadows windy day. In fact, this is just partly.

The sun simultaneously shines with all seven colors of the spectrum, but before entering the ground, the rays must pass through the protective gas layer of the atmosphere, which one way or another distorts their perception. After all, any light is an electromagnetic wave, on which it depends on how the color of the subject will appear. The shortest waves of a blue spectrum, and the longest – red.

Sunperature Scheme in the sky during the day

During the day, the Sun occupies different provisions regarding the point of the Earth, where the alleged observer is located. Consequently, the thickness of the atmosphere, which you have to overcome the sunshine, too different. At noon, the rays go through the short way, falling it off and do not have time to disperse. Therefore, being in Zenith, the Sun seems white to us.

Why the sunset is red

In the evening, the sunshine has to overcome a thicker atmosphere, as they fall on the surface of the earth at an angle. Once in the atmosphere, first of all, the blue part of the spectrum is scattered, then the rest and our eyes reach only long red waves – as the most resistant to interference. (By the way, it was on this principle that the colors for road traffic lights were chosen.)

But on the process of dispersion of the sun rays, not only the thickness of the atmosphere affects. A large role is played by the presence of dust and pair particles in the air of invisible. They usually accumulate in the atmosphere at high pressure associated with dry weather. A nascent wind mixes them, forming a certain zone where the particles are contained more than in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why the sunset is red

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