Why the Japanese separate slippers for the toilet

Slippers and the Japanese are love. After going to the country of the Rising Sun, get ready to shoot out street shoes several times a day. It is customary to leave at the entrance to the temples, fittingry, many restaurants and some offices. And put on slippers.

In the hotels you will probably give two pairs. Some – for the room, others – for the toilet room.

Houses, dressing slippers, as a rule, are at the entrance to the bathroom. I wanted to the restroom – she pereobulsya, made his business – put on the old sneakers. If you can forget about this rule in a hotel, you will probably make a remark.

So strange for Western man tradition arose in ancient times, when the Japanese was used as a place to send natural needs, the Japanese was used in the floor. Not everyone could boast accuracy, and therefore slippers were an urgent need. Despite the fact that modern toilets are not talking to a human voice, full of technical bellows and are kept in perfect condition, they are still considered a dirty place. The Japanese are confident that using two pairs of sneakers hygienic. This is first.

Secondly, the lack of special shoes in front of the door to the restroom (as well as the presence of another, everyday) means that there is someone inside. And since all the bathrooms are closed on the lock, turning attention to shoes, you can avoid an unpleasant situation.

At the same time enter toilet sneakers in the bathroom can not. Bathing is a purification ritual, and such shoes are considered dirty. For this reason, the bathroom in Japanese houses is usually separate, if not, the toilet is separated from the bathroom partition.

That’s what tourists think about tradition.

User Osennee oblako, Live Journal:

Why the Japanese separate slippers for the toilet

I love the Japanese, but this tradition is terrible just. First, a person picks up shoes to his clothes. I’m so beautiful, and herenn-on!dumb red sneakers! Fu, Be. In apartmentsOne thing, but in hotels and temples.

User autobulb, Reddit:

I have toilet slippers in my bathroom, but in the summer I step over through them, because it is not against the pass on a naked sex. I don’t care about it every week. But in the winter they are beautiful, because the naked floor seems cold even in socks. Noticed most of my guests to the toilet.


I was in one or two hotels, where the owners did not bother to put extra slippers. But the toilet there was made in Western style and was in the same room with the bathroom. In any case, if the room is given additional sneakers, then more for the Japanese. They were taught all their life that before entering the restroom it is necessary to convert. Although modern toilets are supercine. If you do not use the slippers granted there, no one will finish you.

Why the Japanese separate slippers for the toilet

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