Why the eyes hurt over cloudy weather?

Complaints for cloudy weather – the phenomenon is atypical for everyday life, but if you went to the mountains to ski, we should know that there are their rules here.

In places with an elevated level of ultraviolet, the cornea of ​​the eyes begins to absorb the sun’s rays hardly, which causes discomfort. In the mountains, reflective snow reflective abilities are added. Characterized Triad Symptoms: Tearing, Svetuboyazn and Pain. Therefore, sunglasses in the mountains must be selected not just darkened, but containing UV filters. Otherwise, you risk your eyesight, because the level of the total light flux in the visible spectrum will decrease, and the level of invisible rays, including ultraviolet, – no. With an expanded pupil, even more ultraviolet will fall into the eye and contributes to the burn.

Why the eyes hurt over cloudy weather

But came to the cloud, you shot glasses and forced to put on them again. Eyes hurt, and you even hard to focus. This is explained by the fact that there is no clear stimulus for accommodation (accommodation is a process in which the muscle responsible for tensioning ligaments, which, in turn, are able to change the form of lens, relaxes or tightened). In order to focus on something, we must be able to see two contrast points. If we try to focus on an absolutely white canvase, we will not succeed. So with snow, especially in cloudy weather – the eye is simply not on what to focus: white snow under the legs, white mountains around, gray-white sky over head. Here, also help filters – orange or dark yellow, they will provide good contrasting visibility.

Why the eyes hurt over cloudy weather

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